Reorganization Within AQHA

The American Quarter Horse Association announces first steps in reorganization to address current business and financial needs.

The American Quarter Horse Association

A few changes are happening at AQHA.

There are times in every business’ life cycle that require a look at the organization’s product and service offerings and how it is structured. Many times, these reviews result in having to make some difficult decisions. Over the past few months, AQHA has been doing the same, and this week announced the first steps in a reorganization to address current business and financial needs, as well as to begin preparing for the retirement of AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr.

Last week, the AQHA Executive Committee named Trent Taylor to the position of acting chief operating officer and treasurer. In that position, Taylor will take a more active role in the day-to-day management of AQHA as Treadway focuses on the Association’s strategic plan, business development, Foundation gifts and securing some expiring AQHA corporate partnership agreements.
Also, Tom Persechino will assume the duties for AQHA’s marketing, communications and publications entities as the transition of shows and judges to Pete Kyle continues to move ahead. Other changes will be announced as they become final.
Without question, the most difficult decision that countless businesses have faced in recent years is to eliminate positions. As part of AQHA’s reorganization, the difficult decision was made to eliminate 14 positions to align the Association’s staffing needs with today’s registration, transfer and membership demands.    
“Evaluating and reorganizing the way AQHA does business is not unprecedented and needed to be done in anticipation of top leadership changes,” said AQHA President Johnny Trotter. “There is no good way to announce job eliminations, and I hope the industry will see that AQHA is like many other organizations in that it must keep employee costs in line with current business trends.”
The Association continues to look at cost-saving or income-generating measures to address the bottom line. One such recent measure was the purchase of Robin Glen Pedigrees, which will enhance AQHA’s recordkeeping ability on American Quarter Horses and, in the long term, generate sales through new products and services developed through the RGP acquisition.
“I think it’s necessary to recognize – and thank – the men and women who have been AQHA’s leaders during its nearly 75-year history. Thanks to their financial foresight, AQHA has reserves to weather downturns, certainly not without pain and constant attention to income and expenses,” Trotter said. “We are working to protect and preserve our financial condition and will continue to monitor demand and activity, and make adjustments where they are necessary.
“Along with having the best, most passionate members of any organization I can think of, our employees are the heart of this Association. Our decisions were made after hours upon hours of careful analysis, and after critically analyzing where we are, and where we need to be and the skill sets needed to get us there.”
Last week during its meeting, the Executive Committee appointed a search committee that will manage the process for selection of the Association’s next executive vice president, who will be named sometime in the first quarter of 2015. Candidates interested may submit resumes and credentials to The deadline to submit resumes and credentials is September 30, 2014, after which time the screening process will be initiated.

In the meantime, the Association is developing transition plans to ensure projects and programs continue to move forward and that these changes have as minimal an effect as possible on the organization as a whole.
Should you have any questions on the reorganization, feel free to contact Tom Persechino at 806-376-4811.

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