2013 Annual Report is Available

The 2013 AQHA Annual Report is now available to download.

The American Quarter Horse Association

The entire 2013 Annual Report is now available for download.

The American Quarter Horse Association has released the 2013 AQHA Annual Report, and it is available to download at www.aqha.com/annualreport.The AQHA report contains complete statistics on AQHA membership, horse registrations and transfers, show and race statistics, and more.


“I encourage all AQHA members to read through the 2013 AQHA Annual Report to get a better idea of the Association’s functions, goals and how we operate as a business dedicated to serving our members in the best ways possible,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr.


Also in the report, 2013 AQHA President Johne Dobbs explains her 2013 goals. She focused on her goal of increasing youth involvement in the Association. Dobbs also discusses leveling, cloning, the database upgrade and the AQHA Proud marketing campaign.


“It is important for members, owners and the Association to stand behind the pride we have for this great horse,” said Dobbs. “I am excited to see what the future holds for our great association.”


The top 10 membership states/provinces/countries in 2013:


  1. Texas  38,191
  2. California 16,155
  3. Oklahoma 12,472
  4. Colorado 7,969
  5. Ohio 7,539
  6. Alberta 6,976
  7. Germany 6,623
  8. Florida 6,554
  9. Missouri 6,434
  10. Arizona 5,588

Open the entire 2013 AQHA Annual Report or download the executive summary for a quick overview.


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