Renew Competition Licenses to Earn Money

See how you can offset horse-showing costs before stepping into the ring this summer with your AQHA Incentive Fund-enrolled horse.

The American Quarter Horse Association

Renew your competition license before you start earning points on your Incentive-fund enrolled horse this summer. (Credit:)

Money belongs in pockets, not left in the barn – especially when you’re traveling with your AQHA Incentive Fund-enrolled horse all summer long. We know how much time and money you spend showing your American Quarter Horses and it’s a passion that doesn’t go unrecognized. So, we want to remind exhibitors to file their Incentive Fund licenses before heading out on a busy summer show season!

Each year that an owner renews the competition license, the owner will receive a payout for every point his or her Incentive Fund-enrolled horse earns. 

Owners pay a competition license fee of $50 for the amateur division and/or $50 for the open division per horse. One hundred percent of competition license fees collected are added to the Incentive Fund to help increase point values.

“The Incentive Fund has paid back more than $73 million since its inception,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “What makes the program attractive is that an enrolled horse has the ability to put money back in the pockets of nominators and owners.”

For the 2013 show season, AQHA Incentive Fund horse owners received $19.62 per point.

If you want maximum payout for points in 2014, renew your competition license before heading to your next horse show. Forms can even be found and completed at AQHA shows, or downloaded here.

When you show – show proudly – and get rewarded through the AQHA Incentive Fund.

Should you need assistance, AQHA Customer Service is always here to help at 806-376-4811, and license fees can be paid over the phone to expedite the process.

Visit to learn more about the AQHA Incentive Fund and competition licenses.

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