AQHA Takes Action On Colorado Springs Case

AQHA continues to monitor case in Colorado and communicate with authorities in Colorado Springs to gather more information and offer assistance.

The American Quarter Horse Association

AQHA is taking action on the Colorado Springs case that involves a number of horses that were seized in Black Forest, Colorado.

On September 22, the American Quarter Horse Association was notified that Sherri Brunzell, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was cited for cruelty to animals (including horses) and that a number of horses were judicially seized in Black Forest, Colorado, that were under Brunzell’s care.

Pursuant to AQHA Rule VIO200 no person shall treat any horse in a cruel or inhumane manner. Additionally, AQHA Rule VIO205 further provides that AQHA may accept the conviction of an individual or judicial confiscation for an offense of cruelty to or inhumane treatment of a horse as a presumptive violation of this rule as basis to automatically deny AQHA privileges.

As a result, AQHA has automatically denied any and all privileges set forth in Rule VIO650 including privileges associated with registration related transactions and participation in any AQHA events. Pursuant to Rule VIO657, AQHA has also denied Brunzell access or presence on show grounds of AQHA-approved shows.  

In addition to denying Brunzell any AQHA privileges, the Association’s action in the present case also results in restrictions for AQHA IDs associated with Brunzell including joint AQHA memberships; spouse and associated joint AQHA memberships; children and associated joint AQHA memberships; and AQHA ID numbers consisting of entit(ies) in which any of the previously mentioned have an ownership interest.

Part of AQHA’s mission statement addresses that the American Quarter Horse shall be treated humanely, with dignity, respect and compassion at all times. (Read the full mission statement.) The Association will continue to monitor this situation and communicate with authorities in Colorado Springs to gather more information and to offer assistance.

The Association continues to hear from many caring owners and members willing to assist in the matter.