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AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines invites AQHA members to take the AQHA Membership Survey.

This week’s videos on AQHA’s YouTube channel feature AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines discussing the importance taking the AQHA Membership Survey, plus a spotlight on American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Tom Bradbury. 
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Tom Bradbury
Tom Bradbury of Byers, Colorado, is a horseman and cattleman who has been involved in agriculture since he was a young boy. He began his Bradbury Land and Cattle Co. in 1958 and in addition to raising cattle, Bradbury also bred and raised some of the finest and fastest American Quarter Horses in the nation. Learn more about these top horses and the man behind them.

Events Channel: AQHA Membership Survey
AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines invites AQHA members to provide feedback by completing an AQHA Membership Survey. The survey covers member involvement with horses; member services offered by AQHA; it asks about purchasing habits and brand preferences; and, it collects important demographic data. The information gathered will help AQHA produce a composite profile of the membership. With that profile, AQHA can make more convincing, professional sponsorship presentations to a wider variety of businesses to support AQHA.

Thanks to AQHA’s corporate partners, including SmartPak, Bank of America, ZoetisJohn Deere and Farnam, every video episode is available 24/7 with no subscriptions or fees. This is just another way AQHA corporate partners make AQHA membership worthwhile. Check out all of the discounts, special offers and promotions offered exclusively to AQHA members by AQHA’s corporate partners.

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