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Horsemanship fundamentals and a therapeutic riding center are featured this week on AQHA’s YouTube channel.

This week’s videos on AQHA’s YouTube channel features an instructional and an educational video on Fundamentals of Horsemanship and Ride On Center for Kids.
The AQHA YouTube channel includes videos from all segments of the equine industry produced to entertain and educate everyone from the professional horseman to the casual trail rider.

Fundamentals of Horsemanship: Haltering a Horse
AQHA teamed up with La Cense Montana to develop AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship, a comprehensive guide to improve your relationship with your horse. This lesson demonstrates putting on and taking off a halter. Sounds pretty basic, right? But how you do it says a lot about your relationship with your horse.

ROCK – Ride On Center for Kids
The Ride On Center for Kids in Georgetown, Texas, is a therapeutic riding center that serves riders of all ages and is also home to the Horses for Heroes program for military active-duty personnel and veterans. Visit ROCK, meet some of its clients and learn about the power of horses in the healing process.

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