Ride Alert

Ride Alert announces a March Madness promotion this month for all horse lovers, no matter the breed.

Make sure you are prepared for riding season by purchasing a Ride Alert membership.

With the coming of spring, Ride Alert wants to make sure everyone is prepared for riding season. Now is your chance to purchase a Ride Alert membership, including an ID device (wristband, bridle/saddle tag) or a single ID device, and you’ll receive a second device free. Or, purchase a triple pack and get another three devices free.

This includes the purchase of customized AQHA bands at $11.99 for AQHA members.

“I was so excited when I discovered this product,” said Ride Alert Vice President Anita Hasbury-Snogles. “We got into this because we want everyone to have the chance to be prepared with important information when out riding – any time, anywhere.”

Members of AQHA’s Horseback Riding Program automatically receive a full-year’s family registration to Ride Alert. For AQHA members who renew during 2015, Ride Alert will include a free single wristband; however, this is not included in the March Madness promotion and will not include a second wristband.

For more information on Ride Alert, visit www.ridealert.us.

About Ride Alert

Ride Alert is a medical information system designed to help riders receive fast medical attention in the case of a riding accident. Ride Alert began to build their business because they want everyone working and having fun with horses to be prepared for when that almost inevitable accident occurs, minimizing the consequences and making it easier for others to help when an emergency occurs, to protect yourself and others in your life.