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Our aim is to give AQHA customers the service they deserve, every day.

American Quarter Horse Association

Friendly AQHA customer service representatives are here to help you!

When you call the AQHA Customer Service Department, we want to provide the best experience possible. We care about our members and know that our Association is run on our members’ loyalty and love for the American Quarter Horse. If you ever have a question, we encourage you to call our friendly AQHA Customer Service representatives at 806-376-4811 during regular business hours or complete the online contact form at

When you make a call to Customer Service, please write down the name of the person you spoke to, along with the date and time you called. If your experience is not up to the high standard we expect from our AQHA employees, we encourage you to ask for a supervisor. The information and your experience can then be relayed to a person who can rectify the situation and ensure that the person who answered your call receives the proper information to better serve future members.

Have a great idea for improving AQHA? Visit our My AQHA Idea website to submit your idea and vote on others' ideas that you'd like to see implemented. This website will help us hear valuable information from our members and keep you posted on our progress.

We are here for our AQHA members and hope you will help us do our jobs better, every day.