AQHA Announces Media Changes

From magazines to the website, AQHA is transforming its media properties to better serve its loyal readers and advertising partners.

From magazines to the website, AQHA is transforming its media properties to better serve its readers and advertising partners.

The American Quarter Horse Association is making significant changes to its media properties this summer that will benefit readers and our advertising partners. Beginning in August, all AQHA members will receive two more issues annually of America’s Horse and will have access to all content from The American Quarter Horse Journal, Performance Horse Journal and Ranch Horse Journal. In addition, upgrades to our newsletters will be released this summer, and upgrades are set for the fall.

America’s Horse will now be published monthly. Members will continue to receive a print version of America’s Horse eight times annually and will now enjoy four additional interactive issues delivered in February, April, September and November. Those four interactive issues of America’s Horse will also be available through and delivered by email to an expanded audience of more than 200,000 American Quarter Horse owners. All told, more than 460,000 American Quarter Horse enthusiasts will have access to these digital issues, proving once again that America’s Horse offers the opportunity to reach more horse owners than any other media property in the world.

AQHA recently received feedback on The American Quarter Horse Journal, Performance Horse Journal and Ranch Horse Journal through several surveys of AQHA leadership, advertisers and readers. It was clear that the content was highly valued and delivering editorial in a targeted manner was appreciated. However, most responded that they preferred a single subscription and wanted additional digital access to the content. Therefore, beginning in August, we are merging content from all three versions of the Journal into one print publication and will provide digital access to that content to all AQHA members. Those who prefer a print version of the Journal can subscribe and receive a monthly magazine with two additional “bonus” issues of Ranch Horse Journal in May and August.

The new monthly magazine will provide competition coverage of AQHA shows and programs, as well as equine health care and training features, and competition coverage of alliance partners and other western performance disciplines. In addition to the bonus issues of Ranch Horse Journal, ranch-horse content and ranch-horse competition coverage will be included in the September, January, March and June issues of the Journal.

The new print version of The American Quarter Horse Journal combines the three current paid magazines into one subscription for owners who prefer a print product. Print subscribers will total 26,700 at launch. Additionally, we will now give the entire AQHA membership access to content from all versions and issues – meaning digital access for all 251,263 members as an AQHA member benefit.

For our digital audience, independent versions of the Journals will be presented online – The American Quarter Horse Journal, Performance Horse Journal, Ranch Horse Journal and Quarter Racing Journal. Each version will offer additional stories, rich media, leaders, statistics and more that is not presented in the print version. These issues will be shared with AQHA members with interests in those specific areas, creating more value for members and more eyes on your ads.

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