Recognizing Scams

Protect yourself from being a target of scams.

American Quarter Horse Association

If you receive a suspicious message, please contact us at 806-376-4811 or use our contact form.

The American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Foundation are dedicated to protecting the privacy of AQHA members and the Foundation’s donors.

We invest in ensuring your personal information is secure. However, with any business or organization, individuals may try to impersonate AQHA or the Foundation to access your account information or to ask you to donate to causes that are not associated with the Foundation.

Phishing scams typically imitate a company’s logos or email templates, but there are a number of hints that can help you tell the difference.

  • Emails from AQHA and the Foundation are sent from .ORG or .NET email addresses. If you receive an email from a .COM email address, it is a scam.
  • The Foundation will never solicit funds for a third-party fundraising effort through sites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. Valid Foundation fundraising efforts will only direct you back to online giving pages that are connected to
  • The Foundation raises money for specific program areas, including equine research, scholarships, equine-assisted activities and therapies, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, and general Foundation operations. The Foundation also gives you the opportunity to support disaster relief and the Professional Horsemen’s Crisis Fund. If you receive a fundraising request that is not connected to these program areas, it is likely that it did not come from the Foundation.
  • The Association and Foundation take pride in proofing every message that is sent from us, so if the message has several mistakes in spelling and grammar or is oddly worded, it is likely a scam.
  • We try to freshen up our marketing collateral every few years, but we are true to our brand. If you receive a message that looks significantly different from other messages you’ve received from AQHA or the Foundation, it is a scam.
  • AQHA and the Foundation will never send a message that threatens you or has a sense of urgency.
  • AQHA or the Foundation will not send you a message that requests personal information, like a credit card number or account password.

Read more from the Federal Trade Commission about potential scams and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim to fraudulent emails, texts or copycat websites. 

If you receive a suspicious message, please contact us at 806-376-4811 or use our contact form. Don’t click on the email or website until you’ve contacted us. Our team will confirm if the message is a scam. If it is a scam, we will investigate it to prevent other members from becoming subject to the scam.

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