Obituaries & Deaths of Horses

silhouette of broodmare at sunset (Credit: Journal)

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The American Quarter Horse Journal accepts submitted obituaries for horses and humans who were part of the American Quarter Horse industry. Obituaries must be 300 words or less. The Journal's editors reserve the right to edit for length and style. You may submit your obituaries to 

Dr. Kathleen Lennon
The beloved horse show veterinarian died March 13, 2023.
Royal Fletch
The history-making cutting horse stallion died at age 26.
Stuart Phillip Barringer
Oklahoma horseman died May 31.
David Hooper
Lifetime racing regulator passed away on May 28.
Paul R. Martin
Indiana racing horseman passed away May 13.
Blue Skys A Fallin
The champion hunter died in August 2022.
Larry Mahan
The ProRodeo hall of famer died May 7, 2023.
Bruce Walquist
The AQHA Professional Horseman and life member died Saturday, May 6.
Docs Misty Jet
The 35-year-old mare made a difference in people’s lives, even in her last year of life. 
Richard Wilcke
Dedicated Kentucky horseman died April 18.