Obituaries & Deaths of Horses

silhouette of broodmare at sunset (Credit: Journal)

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The American Quarter Horse Journal accepts submitted obituaries for horses and humans who were part of the American Quarter Horse industry. Obituaries must be 300 words or less. The Journal's editors reserve the right to edit for length and style. You may submit your obituaries to 

Ron Marshall
The longtime AQHA executive died in May.
Patrick Gottsch
Founder of RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel died in May at age 70.
Douglas Barry Stone
The longtime legal counsel for AQHA died May 21.
James Boyd Padgett
Utah horseman passed away on May 13.
Senator James David Cain
Louisiana senator was a staunch supporter of the horse industry.
Johnie A. Goodman
Texas-based trainer passed away May 2.
Clayton Russell
Idaho horseman passed away April 29.
Larks Happy Days
Twelve-time AQHA world champion laid to rest.
Shawn Swartz
Arizona horseman has passed away.
Walk Thru Fire
Leading sire has died at the age of 27.