Embryo Transfer Educational Material

You have or are thinking about producing a foal using embryo transfer. What do you need to know?

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Embryo Transfer Checklist

embryo transfer checklist for AQHA foal registration


Mare Embryo Enrollment

  • Donor mares must be enrolled in the embryo program prior to being bred to a stallion. This can be done annually, or a lifetime enrollment may be purchased.
  • Late fees apply if the mare is enrolled after breeding or after the foal has been born.
  • An embryo foal fee will be applied to every foal registration application that is produced via embryo transfer.  


When should an embryo be reported to the stallion owner for documentation purposes?

  • Each embryo must be declared to the stallion owner, and the appropriate fees should be paid to the stallion owner so they can file the appropriate documentation in order to register all foals produced.
  • Embryos should be reported to the stallion owner when the recipient mare is confirmed in foal. This is the responsibility of the mare owner.
  • Any foal application submitted that does not have a stallion breeding report or signed breeder’s certificate from the stallion owner will not be eligible for registration. 


Frozen Embryos

  • Embryos may be frozen after they are flushed from the donor mare for use at a later time.
  • For mares born 2015 and after, her frozen embryos may only be used for two calendar years after she is deceased or spayed to produce foals eligible for registration per REG112.10. 
  • If the stallion listed as the sire on the permit was born 2015 and after, and dies or is gelded, the frozen embryo must be used within two calendar years after the stallion’s death or being gelded to produce foals eligible for registration.
  • At the time an embryo is frozen,  an embryo permit must be purchased to preserve the ownership of the mare and stallion at time of breeding.


Embryo Permits

The permit protects your investment in the embryo(s) you have produced. Owners who choose to not purchase a permit risk their foal’s registration eligibility.

  • The permit memorializes the owner of the donor mare and the stallion at the time of breeding and preserves their right to sign future registration and breeding documents necessary for the registration of a future foal.
  • If either the stallion or mare are sold, the new owners are under no obligation to sign the required registration documents.
  • You risk accruing additional registration fees.
    • If a permit is not purchased at the time the embryo is frozen, the mare will need to be on the stallion breeding report for the year the embryo was implanted instead of the year she was actually bred. Subsequently, she may need to be enrolled in the embryo program if she isn’t already for that breeding year, and late fees will apply if she isn’t enrolled prior to the embryo being implanted. 
  • A permit allows one foal to be registered. If more than one embryo is frozen, a permit is required for each of them.


Embryo Permit Information

  • Mares should be on the stallion breeding report for the year the embryo is frozen. The breeding dates on the permit should correspond with the breeding dates on the stallion breeding report.
  • The breeding date on the stallion breeding report should be the injection date if ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is used.
  • Each permit may be used to register one foal. 
  • The original permit must be submitted with the registration application. AQHA will not accept paper copies or digital copies of a permit.
  • The embryo permit is signed by both the mare owner and stallion owner. 
  • Breeder’s certificate portion:
    • The breeder’s certificate portion does not have to be signed for a permit to be issued. The stallion owner may not want to sign this portion if all fees have not been paid, or other obligations have not been fulfilled. 
    • If the stallion owner signs the breeder’s certificate portion of the permit it, it will serve as the breeder’s certificate when registering the resulting foal. 
    • In the event the stallion owner does NOT wish to release breeder’s certificate on the permit – they will need to sign #7 as owner of the stallion on the registration application for the foal to be eligible for registration. 
  • Only the current mare owner can purchase a permit and only the current stallion owner can sign the permit application as the sire owner. Once a mare or stallion is sold, a former owner cannot sign or purchase a permit retroactively to cover an embryo that may have been frozen previously.
  • With a permit, you may sell the embryo while still retaining ownership of the mare or sell the mare while retaining ownership of the embryo.
  • The owner of the permit when the application is submitted will be listed as the breeder and the owner of the foal. 


Frozen Embryo Permits may be purchased for $75. Each permit is valid for the registration of one foal, and they must be submitted with the application.


Embryo Transfer fees:

Annual enrollment  $200
Lifetime enrollment  $1,500
Late fee after breeding  $100
Late fee after foaling  $200
Embryo permit  $75
Permit transfer fee  $40
Embryo foal fee  $100