Frozen and Transported Semen

Read the following guidelines to learn how to register your foal.

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Your foal will fall under these guidelines if:

The dam was artificially inseminated with semen that had been frozen or was transported to a different facility than where the stallion was collected. 

  • Registering a foal using Frozen or Transported semen:
  • The registration application must be fully filled out. Please see the registration guide
  • A stallion breeding report must be submitted by the stallion owner indicating if the semen was frozen or transported. 
  • The breeder’s certificate must be signed by both the mare owner and the stallion owner at the time of breeding. 
  • The owner of the dam at the time of foaling must also sign in box 6 on the application. 
  • Registering your foal using these methods will require parentage verification to be eligible for registration


For stallions born 2015 and after, his semen may only be used for two calendar years following his death or gelding to produce a foal eligible for registration per REG111.6.

If you used frozen semen, did you use a Semen Permit for the semen used?
  • Semen permits may be purchased for $75 by the current stallion owner only. Once a stallion is sold, a previous owner/lessee may not purchase semen permits. 
  • With a permit, the owner may sell the stallion while retaining ownership of the semen, or they may sell the semen while retaining ownership of the stallion.
Why should you buy a permit?
  • Semen Permits are used to sell semen while retaining ownership of the stallion, or to sell the stallion while retaining ownership of the semen.  
  • If you collect semen with the intention to freeze it and use at a later date, you should purchase a permit to protect your interests in the semen. 
  • With a permit, the owner of the permit can submit a stallion breeding report and sign the breeder’s certificate even if they do not own the stallion. 
  • Without a permit, the current stallion owner must sign the stallion breeding report and the breeder’s certificate. 

Registering a foal with a semen permit:

  • The original permit must be submitted with the registration application. AQHA will not accept paper copies or digital copies of a permit.
  • Each permit may be used to register one foal. 
  • A stallion breeding report must be submitted for the year the semen is used and signed by the stallion owner or permit owner. 
  • The permit will serve as the breeder’s certificate.