AQHA Horseback Riding Program: 2,500 Hour Awards

Congratulations to AQHA Horseback Riding Program participants who have reached the 2,500-hour milestone. Most importantly, it was with the most loyal, responsive, hardworking, and willing teammate - the American Quarter Horse.

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Kim Owen
Hot Wheels Merada
Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Paul Corley          
Leggs Flirtn Ta Fame, aka "Flirt"
Strafford, Missouri
Flirt is the main horse I ride along with several others my wife and I own. Along with our kids, we spend as much time on horseback as we can, often camping somewhere every weekend. My dad got me started with the Horseback Riding Program so it's fun to compare hours with him! 

Katie Schreibeis
Sugar Double Legacy aka "Waylon"
Wyarno, Wyoming


My family has a cattle ranch and have always owned American Quarter Horses. On a daily basis, I work with my horses and ride every chance I get. My favorite place to ride is on the mountains where we summer our cows. I also love helping family and friends rope, brand and gather during spring and fall.

Katharina Küper
Little Chic N
Geske, NRW, Germany
I got started riding American Quarter Horses about 27 years ago, which developed from weekly lessons to purchasing my very own Quarter Horse mare in 2013. Little Chic N is, as you may guess, rather small but absolutely versatile. We enjoy everything from ranch work, roping, mounted archery, medieval sword fighting and reenactment, to trail rides and visiting shows and fairs as a part of our drill team. I admire her will to please and to perform whether it’s training new dressage movements or teaching kids how to walk, trot and lope for the first time.
She is going to be 15 years old in May, and I am confident that we will add a lot more hours still.
Thank you kindly for the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments with the whole American Quarter Horse family! 

Connie McAlpin
My Good Valentine
Stringer, Mississippi
Thanks for recognizing me & Valentine for our hours of riding together! I bought her as a 2 year old, started her under saddle,  and we've been riding together for 8 years now. We compete in western pleasure, trail, ranch riding, ranch trail, Horsemanship and halter classes in our local shows. I've loved horses my entire life, and spending time with Valentine puts me in my happy place!​​​​​​

Heather Bryant
Stylish In My Boots
Morgan Hill, California
I’m so excited to have reached 2,500 hours in the saddle. I show Ranch Horse versatility with my gelding, Stylish In My Boots (Mr. Playinstylish x Smoke My Boots). I compete with the Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse Association and AQHA shows. Here I am carrying the US flag for the GSVRHA for the first time.

Linda Noble
Beaus King Leo aka "Beau"
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
I have been blessed to ride some amazing AQHA horses on some wonderful trails!  Beau has done the vast majority of the trails and hours.  He is an awesome partner, and at the age of 24 he is going strong and sound!  To say this boy is special is an understatement.  Epona Silver San and Extra Grand N Dandy were my two go-to mares on the trails, both living long and productive lives. These wonderful and talented mares also added their efforts to this accomplishment. ​​​​​​

Jeff Richman
Dream Bar Crocker aka "Dream"
Buckeye, Arizona
Thanks for acknowledging some of the best times of my life. Dream and I have been riding companions for 21 years. Through her arthritis and my injuries, we have been riding consistently over the 21 years we’ve been together. Dream was a 3yr old filly and I was much older and finally able to have a horse of my own. We’ve had so many wonderful adventures together and we’re not done yet.