Halter Breaking Your Foal

Training your foal to accept a halter doesn't have to be a struggle. Learn more in our free ebook.


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Training your own foal is a truly special experience, but not one to be taken lightly. His first experiences will affect the way he looks at the world for the rest of his life. Halter breaking a foal will be his first experience learning to respect you, to give to pressure and to handle new experiences. You need to make sure it is done right the first time. Thankfully, the AQHA’s Halter Breaking Your Foal ebook will guide you through the process.

Learn how siblings Tom, Wayne and Margo Ball of Ball’s Quarter Horses use old fashion horsemanship in their halter breaking: approaching it with patience, an earned trust and the belief that every foal is an individual.

Tom and Margo say their halter breaking program might take one day or three weeks, and they might spend more time on different steps with different foals. They might start a foal at 30 days old, or they might wait longer; it all depends on the personality and needs of each foal.

In this program you will learn the essential steps to train a sane, well-mannered horse. In Step 1, you will learn how to tell when your foal is ready for halter breaking.

“We wait until our babies are ready to break,” said Wayne. “We don’t want to fight with them.”

Trying to halter break a foal before he is ready can traumatize him and make training more difficult down the road. So make sure your foal is prepared.

The Halter Breaking Your Foal e-book also discusses:

  • The best way to fit a halter for your foal.
  • Strategies for your foal’s first time wearing the halter.
  • How to introduce the lead rope.
  • Techniques for leading your foal.
  • Sacking out your foal for the first time.





Finally, Tom and Margo will guide you through teaching your foal to stand tied. This process can be very scary and dangerous for your foal if not done properly, so make sure that you have the advice of these experts.

The Halter Breaking Your Foal e-book is essential for all breeders, foal owners, 4-H groups and anyone else who is interested in training young horses.

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