Horse Breeding: Older Maiden Mares

This FREE e-book answers the age-old question, “How old is too old to breed a horse for the first time?”

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If you have any concern about breeding your older maiden mare, then you’ll want to download Older Maiden Mares.

In this FREE e-book, veterinarians Drs. Thomas R. Lenz and Joe Noble cover horse reproduction topics such as:

  • Age – what is the best age to breed a mare, and how old is too old?

  • Your mare’s cervical health

  • Anatomy changes as a mare ages

  • A mare’s heat cycle: estrus and random anestrus

  • Embryo donor problems

  • Breeding soundness exams

When  it comes to breeding older maiden mares,  sure age is a big factor, but reproductive health is as well. The mare may be in her prime, but if her body isn’t ready, then that’s a challenge the horse owner has to overcome. In Older Maiden Mares, Drs. Noble and Lenz tackle reproductive challenges often found in older mares, and they offer solutions so you can reach the end goal – a healthy mare and foal 11 months after breeding.  

Put all your worries aside and download this FREE e-book on breeding Older Maiden Mares.

About the Veterinarians

Dr. Joe Noble graduated with his doctorate 
of veterinary medicine degree from Oklahoma State University in 1984. He completed his surgical residency from Purdue University in 1988 and has been practicing
 equine medicine since in Indiana, Illinois, 
Texas and Oklahoma. Noble Equine Veterinary Services in Purcell, Oklahoma, is 
where he currently specializes in equine reproduction.

Dr. Thomas R. Lenz graduated 
from the University of Missouri College of
Veterinary Medicine in 1975, earned a 
Master of Science degree in equine reproduction from Texas A&M University in 1988 
and is a Diplomate of the American College 
of Theriogenologists. He has served as chairman of the American Association of Equine Practitioners Welfare Committee, served on the American Veterinary Medical Association Welfare Committee, is a trustee of the American Horse Council. The author of The American Quarter Horse Journal’s  “Horse Health” column, Dr. Lenz is a past president of AAEP.

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