Saddling a Horse

Tack expert Dennis Moreland explains the 10 steps to safely saddling your horse in this free ebook.

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In anything you do around horses, it’s always good to have a routine.

Get into the routine of saddling your horse correctly with Dennis Moreland in AQHA’s FREE Saddling a Horse ebook. Dennis is an AQHA member and tack expert who has been making quality work tack since 1976.

For new horse owners, getting into the routine of saddling your horse properly will put you ahead of the game. If you saddle your horse the same way every time, it will reduce the chances of forgetting a step. From where to place the saddle pad to stepping on, the Saddling a Horse ebook will ensure that your horse is saddled correctly for a safe ride.

In AQHA’s Saddling a Horse ebook, Dennis explains saddling your horse in 10 easy steps that will be hard for you to forget.

Ten Steps for Saddling Your Horse

  1. Put the saddle blanket or pad on the horse's back
  2. Setting up your saddle before putting it onto the horse
  3. Put the saddle on the horse's back
  4. Lift the saddle off of your horse's withers
  5. Release the cinches
  6. Fasten the front cinch
  7. Fasten the breast collar
  8. Fasten the flank cinch
  9. Tighten the front and flank cinch
  10. Do a final once-over

Horses can be sensitive to where saddles are placed along their back. The Saddling a Horse ebook will help you find the right spot for your saddle on your horse’s back. Dennis demonstrates where to stand while saddling, cinching and checking your saddle. He also explains where to put the saddle pad and saddle for the best possible fit for you horse.

Do I pull up or down?
Where do I fasten the breast collar?
How tight should I pull the cinch?

All of those questions are answered in AQHA’s Saddling a Horse ebook. Plus, Dennis explains the parts of the saddle and how to get your saddle prepared for your horse’s back. From latigos to dee rings, make sure you know the parts of your saddle for a secure ride.

Learn how to fasten your front cinch, back cinch and breast collar to prevent sores, while keeping you safely mounted.

At Dennis Moreland Tack, Dennis makes high-quality handmade tack, utilizing the best designs possible.

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