Guide to Showing Rope Horses

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In this Guide to Showing Rope Horses, three AQHA Professional Horsemen weigh in on what they look for when it comes to impressing the judges. It takes extensive knowledge and training to have a rope horse perform correctly under pressure, and each of the professionals explain their methods and preferences when it comes to showing rope horses.

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  • The best methods for showing a heel horse.
  • Much more on all aspects of showing the rope horse.

David Avery, AQHA Professional Horseman and judge, has trained and shown tie-down roping horses for 35 years. David talks about ways to increase your tie-down score by demonstrating to AQHA judges just how smart and capable his roping horses are by relying on the same skills that work in his favor when the clock is running.

World champion trainer Chris Littlefield focuses on emphasizing the positive with heading horses. Scoring, running, rating, setting and facing are not strong points for every head horse, so it’s important to showcase his strengths in front of the judges.

Zane Bruce, operator of Zane Bruce Performance Horses, recommends the best methods of showing the heel horse. How well a horse performs in the box, runs, rates, gets in position and stops all equate to earning the post points from the judges.

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