Weaning Foals: Nutrition and Best Practices

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You spent 11 months waiting, and now your foal is here. Just as you made all those early decisions – which stallion to breed your mare to, whether to let your mare free roam or foal in a stall – there are still plenty of decisions to be made for your foal as it approaches weaning time.

The Weaning Foals e-book focuses on weanling nutrition and best practices for weaning.


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Part 1 tackles nutrition, because as your foal matures, his dam’s milk might not be enough to help him achieve optimal growth. Two equine nutrition experts and three established breeders share their wisdom on:


  • Feeding foals from birth to weaning.
  • Creep feeding and easy-to-build creep feeders.
  • Feeding foals for steady growth.


Part 2 offers the best ways to wean a foal, sharing insights from four longtime breeders on these topics:


  • Weaning plans.
  • Best age to wean a foal.
  • Low-stress weaning, or weaning foals naturally.
  • Abrupt weaning.
  • How to keep weanlings healthy.
  • What to feed a foal after weaning.


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