Obituaries & Deaths of Horses

silhouette of broodmare at sunset (Credit: Journal)

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The American Quarter Horse Journal accepts submitted obituaries for horses and humans who were part of the American Quarter Horse industry. Obituaries must be 300 words or less. The Journal's editors reserve the right to edit for length and style. You may submit your obituaries to 

PF Premo
The multiple halter world champion and world champion sire died in November.
Heza Blazin Machine
The all-around show horse died in November.
Dr. Glenn Blodgett
AQHA Past President and American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Dr. Glenn Blodgett died November 20.
Charlie Copeland
The AQHA 50-year breeder died September 28.
Jack Tatum
The AQHA 75-year breeder died October 29.
Sam Rose
The AQHA Professional Horseman and Director Emeritus died November 18.
Bubba Cascio
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame member Charles W. “Bubba” Cascio died November 2. 
Blaine Shaun Hadley
Racing horseman Shaun Hadley died October 24.
Teddy Johnson
The AQHA Professional Horseman and judge died October 27.
Triple Vodka
Successful racehorse and sire died in late October.