The American Quarter Horse Journal: March-April 2023

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Helen Michaelis, AQHA's second executive secretary, was passionate about the breed of horses that was as versatile as she was.

Twenty-Two Seconds
The sport of chariot racing is all about the love of a fast horse and time spent with family.

The Accidental Artist
It was not necessarily planned out, but Wilson Capron's talent and work ethic have led him to a successful career in bit and spur making.

Hard Luck Mare
Poco Lena is a legend in the industry, but without all the bad luck she encountered, she would probably be even more famous.

A lifelong horseman looks back on nearly a century of life and lessons in ranch country.

Impressive Effort
Empressum is the 2022 World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse.

From the Editor
God has all the good ones.

Colt starter Mike Kevil has worked for a number of the greats.

Ranch Writing
Temptation is hard to resist.

Positive Attitude
Positive thoughts lead to positive results.

Life With Horses
Be encouraging to your fellow competitors.

Horse Health
Focus on these five areas to reduce your horse's chance of impaction colic.

Bits & Spurs
AQHA news, horse tips and short stories

Sage Remarks
A closing thought


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