Remington Park to Post Weights of Horses

The track's "Right Weigh" is designed to be an aid to handicappers.

Press release

Remington Park's horse scale is located in the track's pre-race staging barn. PHOTO: Remington Park/Todd Jackson

Currently in the midst of its Thoroughbred meet, Remington Park will begin to offer more statistical data to horseplayers and fans as its “Right Weigh” returns, effective August 31.

The concept of weighing each horse before their race is not new to Remington Park, as the original system to weigh racehorses racehorses was implemented here in 1991 and continued until the late '90s. Track president and general manager Scott Wells was behind the process then, and he has reinstated the procedure after 25 years.

“It is simple information to collect and provides handicappers an extra tool while giving interesting information to all fans,” Wells noted. "It's one of the keys to transparency, it's a very important handicapping factor and it's something that even novices can relate to."

Every horse at Remington Park will be weighed as part of their journey to the saddling paddock prior to their race. The horses will step onto a scale in the pre-race barn before being led to the paddock. The weights will then be displayed on the Remington Park television show during the post parade for each race.

Presenting the weights for each horse allows horseplayers to gauge the fitness of an individual horse, especially after a history of each horse’s weight has been established for referencing.

“Handicappers can utilize the weights, not so much to pick winners, but to eliminate horses who may be racing into fitness or possibly have lost too much weight since their previous race," Wells said. 

A former trainer, Wells has served in leading roles at many tracks in America and internationally since the early 1990s. He noted that every mature horse, not unlike a human athlete, has an ideal competition weight. Any drastic weight loss may signal that a horse is not at their optimum level of health and fitness.

While not utilized in American racing to this point, the weighing of racehorses is commonplace internationally.

“In Asia and in South America, handicappers expect the horse weight information to be made available,” Wells said. “It is our hope that other tracks will pick up on this idea and that weight reporting will become standard in American past performance statistics.”

Remington Park's Thoroughbred season runs through December 11. The track's 2017 American Quarter Horse meet opens in March.

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