Retama Park EHV-1 Notification

Retama releases policies regarding EHV-1.

Press Release

Retama Park has new EHV-1 policies effective immediately.

Due to the serious nature of a recent outbreak of the neurologic strain of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) at racetracks in the southwest United States, Retama Park looks to protect the health of its entire equine population, and is implementing the policy outlined below to prevent the spread of the potentially fatal virus to its barn area.

1. Until further notice, no horses will be admitted on the grounds of Retama Park if they are coming from a county with a facility or racetrack that is under quarantine for the EHV-1 Equine Herpesvirus. As of January 29, the racetracks currently under quarantine are Sunland Park in New Mexico and Turf Paradise in Arizona.

2. No trailer, van, or transport vehicle will be allowed to enter the barn area at Retama Park unless the shipper signs an affidavit that he/she has provided the following information for every horse on their trailer regardless if the horse is to remain at the racetrack. The following documentation must be provided for every horse (including pony horses) at the stable gate before they will be permitted to enter the grounds at Retama Park.

A current health certificate, issued within 72 hours prior to arrival at the track, containing a statement by the issuing veterinarian that he/she has physically examined each horse within 72 hours of issuing the health certificate, and

i. the horse does not exhibit any clinical signs of the virus;
ii. the temperature of the horse was normal at the time of the examination;
iii. the veterinarian verified with the owner/trainer that the horse has not been exposed to a suspected EHV-1 positive horse;
iv. the veterinarian verified with the owner/trainer that the horse has not been stabled in an EHV-1 quarantined county or adjacent county within the past 21 days.

Any individual that is found to be responsible for a horse entering the grounds of Retama Park that does not conform to these conditions will be ejected from the grounds and will not be allowed to participate in any Retama Park race meet.

All trainers and horse haulers are urged to take extreme caution when transporting horses to properly disinfect and sanitize their trailers if there is any chance they may have transported an exposed horse.

For questions and more information, please contact James Leatherman, Retama Park’s Racing Secretary at 210-651-7043.

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