Tailor Fit for American Quarter Horse Racing

Janet VanBebber shares her personal mission as the new AQHA chief racing officer.


VanBebber's personal mission is to devote 100 percent of her energy to help the racing industry. (AQHA photo)

I am Janet VanBebber, the new AQHA Chief Racing Officer.

I am very new to this job (as of two weeks ago), but am a longtime member of the American Quarter Horse racing industry. I am former owner of VanBebber Racing Stables of Ledbetter, Texas, where I was honored to train many talented horses, including world champion Tailor Fit. I am familiar with both track administration and state racing affiliates, and I also bring the experience gained in having owned my own small businesses.

I accepted the job at AQHA for one big reason: My personal mission is to devote 100 percent of my energy to help our racing industry.

As the chief racing officer, I will be responsible for upholding AQHA’s mission statement when it comes to Quarter Horse racing, which includes maintaining the integrity of and working to grow the breed, providing benefits and educational services to our members, and ensuring our horses are treated humanely and with dignity at all times.

I am your chief racing officer. I am here to serve the best interests of AQHA members – most importantly, our racing members - and I plan to enhance how the racing department serves the membership.

Some areas of immediate interest to me include:

  • Keeping membership informed
  • Recognizing the needs of horsemen and their horses
  • Addressing broad needs within the racing industry, including, but not limited to, the needs of breeders, owners, trainers and track administrations

I do have some areas in this new position where I have a bit of a learning curve. I am gaining that knowledge and have received an abundance of support, both from our office’s fantastic team members as well as many of you.

In the near future, you will see me at industry events such as sales and races, and I hope you say hello. In addition, I will be representing AQHA at the RCI town hall meeting and Model Rules meeting in Seattle, Washington, later this month, all the while assisting our team in fine tuning the preparations for the Bank of America Challenge Championships at Los Alamitos and implementing a new racing ad campaign.

I look forward to being of service to this great industry and will strive daily to have a positive impact. Feel free to contact me, whether in person or electronically. You can call me at 806-378-4611 or email jvanbebber@aqha.org.

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