Sam Houston Issues EHV-1 Policy

The track's American Quarter Horse meet starts March 25.

Sam Houston Race Park

Sam Houston Race Park has issued a policy regarding EHV-1. The track's spring Quarter Horse meet starts March 25.

Sam Houston Race Park has issued a policy on equine herpesvirus that goes into effect March 6 and will be in place until further notice, according to a memo issued by the track Monday.

Sam Houston Race Park will not allow horses on the grounds from counties, or adjacent counties, with racetracks or facilities under quarantine for equine herpesvirus. Sam Houston is in the midst of its winter Thoroughbred meet, which runs through March 8. The track's spring American Quarter Horse meet starts March 25.

The following is the remainder of the policy:

"All horses must have a current health certificate issued within 72 hours prior to arrival. The health certificate must include evidence of vaccination with an FDA approved modified live or killed virus vaccine for EHV-1, administered not less than 14 days and not more than 60 days prior to the date of entry. The certificate must include the date of vaccination, brand, serial number and expiration date for the vaccine.

"The health certificate must also contain a statement by the issuing veterinarian that the veterinarian has physically examined each horse within 72 hours of issuing the health certificate, and the horse does not exhibit any clinical signs of the virus; the temperature of the horse was normal at the time of the examination; [and] the veterinarian verified with the owner or trainer that the horse has not been exposed to a suspected EHV-1 positive horse.

"If the driver is unable to provide health certificates that include all of the requirements listed above for every horse in the driver’s trailer, van or transport vehicle, then none of those horses shall be permitted entrance to Sam Houston Race Park. No trailer, van, or transport vehicle will be allowed to enter the enclosure of the racetrack unless the driver signs an affidavit that the horses being delivered are not coming from a county with a facility or race track that is under quarantine for the EHV-1 Equine Herpesvirus, or from a county that is adjacent to a county where a quarantine has been issued."

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