Racing Investigators Add Security

Investigators provide additional security at major events.

Investigators provide additional security at major events.

Teams of racing investigators were at work at major American Quarter Horse racing events this summer.

Investigators from the Organization of Racing Investigators attended trials and finals for the Ruidoso, Rainbow and All American futurities at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico. There were two teams of eight investigators pulled from all over the country.

The investigators also assisted in Ruidoso’s out-of-competition testing. Among the activities the investigators were involved in were car and barn searches, shadowing vets and sitting at the stall door of equine qualifiers to prevent them from being tampered with.

“I think it’s a great program,” said Ismael “Izzy” Trejo, the executive director of the New Mexico Racing Commission. “It has boosted the confidence that a level playing field is obtained for the trials and these big races.

“This comes with the strong support of the horsemen and the industry in general,” he added.

The goal of the investigators is to increase security on the backside and uphold the integrity of Quarter Horse racing.

“At AQHA, we devote a lot of resources to help maintain the integrity of racing,” said AQHA Chief Racing Officer Janet VanBebber. “Our enforcement teams are an integral part of this mission. We are pleased to partner with the various racing commissions to help them in this pursuit. We do so for many reasons, but most importantly we are concerned for the safety and welfare of the horse and jockey. Secondly, we want both the horsemen and the public to know that the races are being run by horses that are free of performance-enhancing drugs. The stability of our industry’s future depends on our sport being free of the blemish of doping. We appreciate the racing commissions affording us the opportunity to work with them in this endeavor.”

Racing investigators will be on hand at other major American Quarter Horse racing events this year.

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