Oklahoma Racing Emergency Rules

Rules regarding medication and substance thresholds went into effect on December 18.

Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission

Emergency rules regarding medication and substance thresholds in Oklahoma went into effect on December 18.

The Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission and the Governor of Oklahoma have adopted Emergency Rules dealing with Medication and Substance Thresholds that went into effect on December 18, 2017.

The former Threshold Directive for Approved Medications has been repealed and the new rules are in effect.
There are substantive changes both in the medication levels which now closely mirror the ARCI model rules, and prohibited treatments, penalties, etc. which any owner or trainer racing in Oklahoma need to become very familiar with before the 2018 racing season.

The changes are designed to make Oklahoma's permitted medications uniform with the other states that have adopted ARCI model medication rules. There are also changes to eliminate potential loopholes and increase the ability of the OHRC to enforce its rules.

The Quarter Horse racing levels are found in 325:45-1-6.2 Another significant change is that positives may be called and confirmed in any biologic sample, not just in blood plasma or serum as in previous versions of the rule. Pursuant to the new rules no horse carrying a prohibited substance in its body shall be brought within the enclosure, entered in a race, or participate in a race.

Additionally, failure to disclose the actual trainer of a horse participating in a race shall be grounds to disqualify the horse and subject the actual trainer to possible disciplinary action by the Stewards or the Commission. Prohibited practices also now include use of a blood gas machine or ozone generator.

Click here to read the new rules.

If after reviewing these rules you have any questions, contact your track veterinarian or the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission at (405) 943-6472.

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