Race for Kansas Issues Call To Action

The grass-roots organization is working to return live horse racing to the state.


Race for Kansas has issued an open letter to horsemen.

Race for Kansas, the grass-roots organization working to return live horse racing to the state, has issued the following open letter to horsemen and women:


There is no time to waste!     YOU MUST ACT NOW!!! 

HB 2173 will be debated on the House floor this Friday.

This may be a do-or-die for the racing industry once and for all. If you have any interest in bringing racing back to Kansas, please pick up the phone and call your Representative and send them an e-mail asking their support for the industry.

You can go to www.raceforkansas.com website to see more talking points. Then click on the “Contact My Legislator” on the site and it will allow you to send them a personal letter. THEN look up their phone numbers here http://kslegislature.org/li/b2017_18/chamber/house/roster and give them a call with the same message.

Be respectful and polite … the facts are in our favor.

For you out-of-state horsemen that have an interest in bringing an operation (big or small) to Kansas if the racetracks were open, you can help by contacting the following Representatives and telling them that, bringing with you another source of revenue for Kansas. Send them all an e-mail and call a couple of them. These are some of the swing votes identified that need convincing contacts.

Adam Smith    from western Ks.         785-296-0715  Adam.Smith@house.ks.gov

Les Mason       from McPherson         785-296-7640  les.mason@house.ks.gov

Brad Ralph      from Dodge City         785-296-7501  Brad.Ralph@house.ks.gov

Blaine Finch    from Ottawa                785-296-7655  blaine.finch@house.ks.gov

Jim Karleskint from Tonganoxi          785-296-7683  Jim.Karleskint@house.ks.gov

We need everyone’s help on this one!

It’s vitally important you make these contacts TODAY if you ever cared about having horse racing in Kansas again!

Support legislation to create tax parity between state-owned/protected casinos and privately-owned and operated racetracks.  The simple change would:
• Create more than 4,000 new jobs across Kansas
• Spur $291 Million in annual wages
• Generate $23 Million in Annual Local Tax Revenues
• Unleash millions of NEW revenue for the State General Fund
• Produce a $16 Million impact on Kansas farm, ranch & breeding operations


What does HB 2173 mean for Kansas? Simply put – this is a bill intended to revitalize an Agricultural industry which has been a life blood of the state of Kansas for 145 years, that is … the breeding and racing of horses and greyhounds.  Active racetrack facilities in our state will serve to economically support not only the business of live racing but also the many ancillary businesses which support racing, from breeders, vets, outfitters, feed industry, track operations, concessions, equipment providers, and so many more.  This bill creates a pathway for new private dollar investment in our state that may reach hundreds of millions of new development dollars.  We heard Tuesday that the Woodlands alone has committed to a racetrack gaming and entertainment facility which is projected to cost over $100 million.  More telling, is that the projected investments are without demand for abatement or incentives to be funded by local or state dollars.  When is the last time we had an investor come to the table simply asking for something so simply as a level playing field to do business in exchange for a $100mil investment in our state?  All three of the existing track locations are currently shuttered.  This bill allows them to be retooled, redeveloped and reopened thereby creating job opportunities across the state and a much needed shot in the arm to these important industries.

Have state-owned casinos sought changes in the law and in their promised plans of construction?   YES.  Hollywood Casino, in their testimony, acknowledged they have elected not to build the promised hotel despite 6-7 other hotels located within the Village West/Speedway area.  When asked why they did not fulfil that promise, the representatives of Hollywood and the Unified Government stated that changes in economics since 2009 have prevented them from making that investment.  When the representative for Kansas Crossing was asked why they requested and ultimately were granted a reduction in the amount of the privilege fee mandated by statute, the same answer was given.  There was a change in economics.  They cited to the competition of new Oklahoma based gaming.  The facts are that economics have changed, gaming has changed and culture has changed.  When the lottery gaming facilities felt change was needed and warranted, they asked for it and received it.  This situation is no different.  There is every reason to make room for these proposed legislative changes in order to boost jobs and revenue streams in our State.

Thank you for your support to bring needed jobs and investment back to Kansas!

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