Q-Racing Blog: Time to Help

One of our own needs our help.

One of our own needs our help.

If you have ever watched “The Quarters” on TVG, Les Onaka has helped you. His insights surpass respected because of his commitment to extensive research and Quarter Horse racing. These extraordinary virtues have also attracted fans to Quarter Horse racing and more Thoroughbred players now understand how to handicap Quarter Horses.

Onaka needs our help. Right now.

Due to diabetes, asthma and complications, Onaka is not able to work. He’s home now, but could return to the hospital at any moment. He takes up to 14 medications every day and has extreme issues covering expenses. Some days, he has passed on taking some of his medications to save money.

Dave Weaver, a TVG host, has worked with Onaka for 18 years on air. Their friendship goes back even further, as they sold tip sheets in front of Los Alamitos as teenagers.

“Les and I have called Los Al home,” said Weaver. “It’s great that we’ve gotten to work together.”

Les has serious needs. He has an autistic son who needs to be supported, he needs to take care of himself and the stress is building.

Weaver has set up a GoFundMe account at https://www.gofundme.com/les-onaka-medical-fund. Behind-the-scenes support has gratefully occurred, however, we all need to show our support for Les, a close member of our Quarter Horse racing family.

“He’s the hardest worker that I’ve ever worked with, bar none,” said Los Alamitos announcer and morning-line maker Ed Burgart. “He spends so much time looking at video, uses his own utensils, own track variant and he would use revised times by incorporating trouble into the times.”

Burgart calls Onaka “down to Earth” while Weaver says he’s “genuine.” Just go to https://www.gofundme.com/les-onaka-medical-fund and read the comments.

“Onaka is a Los Alamitos employee and would go out and do seminars at satellite locations,” said Burgart. “The people loved him everywhere. He has overwhelming support from the horseplayers because they know his hard work behind his selections.”

The horseplayer is the foundation of our sport. Without the horseplayer, we’d be back, nationwide, to the days of non-pari-mutuel racing in Texas and Oklahoma. Wanna race for a few hundred dollars again? Just think of what that would do to stud fees, yearling prices and your bottom line.

That’s an overstatement in this day of casinos using tracks to have a gaming license, however the horseplayer still starts the money trail when he or she places a bet, either at the track or online. Onaka – and people like him – play a major part in getting the money-machine into gear. They help serious horseplayers hone their selections and help ease the pari-mutuel intimidation of the neophyte horseplayer. Throw a few bucks at horses that Onaka, Weaver or Burgart recommend and you increase your chances of success. They’ve been doing it for decades and helping Quarter Horse racing for those decades.

It’s your duty to help. Go to https://www.gofundme.com/les-onaka-medical-fund and make your contribution. He’s done his part for you. Do your part for a good man and faithful, responsible father.

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