Kansas House Bill

Kansas bill moves to state house.

Press Release

Kansas bill moves to state house.

On Wednesday, March 7, Kansas House Bill 2545 was voted out of the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs. This means it is ready for the Kansas House to take a vote and send this along to the Senate.

Until then, the Greater Kansas Racing Alliance urges horsemen to contact their legislators and tell them to vote "yes" for HB 2545. The return of horse and greyhound racing to Kansas will take each and every one of us contacting our legislators. Then, ask three of your friends to do the same.

If you've already emailed your legislator - call them. Your legislators are receiving pressure to put the casinos first and hearing tall-tales spun by animal rights activists. They need to hear your voice - the voice of the voter! They need to hear the truth.

Contact Your Legislator Today!

The Benefits of Racing's Return to Kansas
Horse and greyhound racing affects lives. This is an industry with a ripple affect in many industries throughout the state.

Visit Your Legislator in Person

Racing's return to Kansas is a win for Kansas because it:

1. Grows the Kansas economy.
2. Provides new tax revenue to our local and state governments with zero investment on their part.
3. Does away with the state picking winners and losers by leveling the playing field between state-owned and privately-owned casinos

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