Q-Racing Blog: Get Involved

It's almost time for the AQHA convention - please plan to attend.

It's almost time for the AQHA convention - please plan to attend.

As we end another year of racing and prepare for 2019, it’s time to look forward to our annual convention, being held in March in Fort Worth. Like so many members, I never went to any conventions until I got invited to join the AQHA Racing Committee. Last year was my first time to attend, and boy, was I surprised about what went on and to see the lengths that so many good people go to for our organization.

I saw the commitment of people from all over the world and from all walks of the horse industry – successful business people, ranchers, large and small breeders – sharing ideas and working to make our industry and association better. I got to witness firsthand the quality of the people from the AQHA offices and I appreciate more how much they do for us.

I was thrilled to go to the committee meetings and see the open conversations, people being heard and listened to about their own ideas. For a long time, I was like so many and stayed at home and left it up to others, because I didn’t think it mattered what I thought. Well, I was wrong.

As I showed up and became more involved, I was surprised when I was asked to serve as chairman of the Racing Committee. Since then, I have grown to appreciate what an honor it is to have the trust of the committee to serve. I have watched as other new committee members like Bobby Simmons, Lance Robinson and Ron Moosman, to mention a few, have been invited to come in with their passion for our sport and get engaged in the conversations addressing some of the major issues of our industry.

For me, all this happened because a long-time friend asked me to fill out a form and become involved. While not everybody wants to serve on a committee, I want to urge everyone to participate and come to the convention for a real eye-opener.

I would like to encourage everyone who is coming to invite a friend, whether it’s someone in the industry already or someone who might want to get in. It’s a great place to show off the great people we have and welcome other good people to join us. Hope to see you all at the convention!

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