2017 Bank of America Challenge Championship Qualifiers

October 14, Prairie Meadows - Altoona, IA


Rules, Regulations & Conditions

1) Rules and Regulations

The owner, lessee or authorized agent represents that he/she and all persons for whom he/she is acting have read and are familiar with rules of racing and the regulations of the governing racing jurisdiction, and the track rules and conditions of the host racing facility. By submitting a signed nomination form for any Racing Challenge race or event, the nominator acknowledges he/she has read and is aware of all rules, payments and due dates, and therefore is duly responsible for all scheduled payments.

2) Eligible American Quarter Horses

All American Quarter Horses registered with the American Quarter Horse Association and enrolled in the Bank of America Quarter Horse Racing Challenge based on the Challenge Championship preference system are eligible.

3) Drug Testing: In October 2015, AQHA announced it would be implementing hair testing for clenbuterol as a condition for entry into the AQHA’s Racing Challenge program, beginning with all Championship races. Such announcement reflected AQHA’s continuing and ongoing efforts to further the safety and welfare of our horses, horsemen and industry, and to assure fairness of competition. Such testing was implemented and successful for the 2016 Bank of America Challenge Championships at Los Alamitos Race Course, and will be conducted at Prairie Meadows in 2017.

Hair testing will be conducted on the grounds at Prairie Meadows by the Iowa Racing Commission’s state veterinarian, acting as agent for AQHA. The subsequent test results will be a condition of entry into any and all of the Challenge Championship races. Except as stated below, all probable entrants must be on the grounds no later than Sunday, October 1, 2017. Hair samples will be clipped on the morning of Monday, October 2, 2017 and forwarded to the Maddy Laboratory at UC Davis.

AQHA has made accommodations for qualifiers from the regional Merial Distaff Challenge and the Distance Challenge at Lone Star Park, which run on Friday, September 29, 2017: hair testing samples will be taken from the winner, second, or third place horse, according to which horse’s owner or trainer express an interest in nominating to, and competing in the respective Challenge Championship finals on October 14, 2017. This will be done on the grounds at Lone Star Park immediately following the race, or the next morning, as managed by Chief Racing Officer Janet VanBebber and/or an agent appointed by AQHA. These hair samples will be submitted to the Maddy Laboratory at UC Davis following the customary protocol. Having submitted their hair samples for the described test, the deadline for these regional qualifiers will be extended until October 6, 2017 to be on the grounds at Prairie Meadows. Failure to follow this criteria will deem the horse ineligible to enter their respective Challenge Championship race.

To avoid a positive hair test for clenbuterol, AQHA is recommending a minimum six-month withdrawal time.

A $100 drug testing fee shall accompany all nominations to the Challenge Championships.This fee shall offset the overall expense incurred by AQHA to provide hair testing for these races. This fee will be per horse and per race. For all costs associated with the hair testing not covered by the $100 fee per horse per race, then the remaining expenses may be deducted from the purse for the associated corresponding race.

By entering a horse with a signed nomination form in a Challenge Championship race referenced above, the owner or his/her authorized agent agree to abide by the results of the initial (commonly referred to as the "sample A test") hair testing and voluntarily and irrevocably waive the following rights:

(a) any and all rights to have a secondary or split sample tested;

(b) any and all rights to a hearing (whether formal, informal, by written submission or in-person) to contest the results of the initial test or the resulting Penalty set forth below ("Penalties);

(c) any and all rights to contest, under any circumstances or grounds, the results of the initial test or the resulting Penalty;

(d) any and all rights to challenge the results of the initial test or resulting Penalty, directly or indirectly, before any court or other tribunal; and

(e) by their entry into a Racing Challenge race, all participants irrevocably waive any legal claim

they might have against AQHA, its officers, executive committee members, or its employees arising from or related to the hair testing which is the subject of this paragraph 2.

Penalty: A horse with a positive hair test for clenbuterol pursuant to this section shall be ineligible to enter any Challenge Championship race, Undercard race or any other race that may be conducted during the Challenge Championship event.

Test results will be reported to the AQHA Racing Office and notification of positives will be sent from AQHA to the owner and trainer of the horse.

AQHA will send a list to the racing office of the host racetrack for the specific race(s) to notify them of horses that are eligible/ineligible to enter races based on the results of hair tests or other possible AQHA sanctions that would make a horse ineligible to enter a racing Challenge race.

4) Nominations

Signed nomination forms for the Challenge Championships must be received in the AQHA Racing office before the entry will be accepted. Nomination forms are due by September 15, 2017, for all Challenge Championship races. In the event that Regional Challenge races are scheduled to be held after this date, horses that compete in these races must be nominated on the next business day following the final.

By paying any applicable nomination fees and by submitting a race nomination form signed by the owner or authorized agent for a horse to any Challenge Championship race or event, all parties agree to abide by the results of the initial hair testing and waive any rights to have a secondary or split sample tested and the right to any hearings. All parties also agree to abide by the sanctions and penalties established which include the horse with a positive hair test for clenbuterol be ineligible to enter the Challenge Championship.

5) Challenge Championship Preferences: Championship, Derby, Distaff, Distance and Juvenile Divisions

a) For purposes of these preference rules, a horse is ineligible to enter or race in a Challenge Championship if, at the time of entry or at any time prior to post time of the Challenge Championship, the horse remains subject to any action that may result in loss of purse or disqualification in the Regional Challenge final by the racing jurisdiction in which the Regional Challenge final was conducted, including, but not limited to a positive drug test, appeal of stewards’ ruling, etc.

b) Unless ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a), the winning horse in each Regional Challenge final ("Winner") will receive an automatic berth in the Challenge Championship final for that division at the Challenge Championship event. A Winner must have a signed nomination form on file for its respective Championship final and enter for the race at the time of entries at the host track location.

c) If a Winner is ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a) or declines the opportunity to run, the remaining starting position shall be offered to the second-place finishing horse in that Regional Challenge final.

d) If the second-place finishing horse is ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a) or declines the opportunity to run, the remaining starting position shall be offered to the third place-finishing horse in that Regional Challenge Final.

e) If the third place finishing horse is ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a) or declines the opportunity to run, the second-place horses in other Regional Challenge finals will receive preference determined by the most Challenge money earned between January 1, 2017 and the last scheduled Regional final, on September 29, 2017.

f) If second-place horses in other regions are ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a) or decline the opportunity to run, the remaining starting position will be offered to all eligible horses which started in a Regional race for that division. Preference will be given to horses with the most Challenge money earned between January 1, 2017 and the last scheduled Regional final, on September 29, 2017

g) If a horse wins two Regional Challenge finals in the same division (i.e., two Derby races):

i) the horse, subject to Section 4(a), will represent the region in which he/she won first; and

ii) the second place horse, subject to Section 4(a), which remains eligible from the other Regional win, shall represent that region in the Challenge Championship.

h) In the event of a dead heat, the horse with the most Challenge money earned between January 1, 2017 and September 29, 2017 shall be considered the qualifier.

If such qualifier is ineligible pursuant to Section 4(a) or declines the opportunity to run, the remaining starting position shall be offered to the other horse involved in the dead heat in that Regional Challenge final.

If the qualifier pursuant to this subsection accepts the opportunity to run, the other horse involved in the dead heat shall receive preference over second-place horses in all regions. Thereafter, the order of preference shall follow the preference sequence beginning at subsection 4(d) above.


$330,000 Bank of America Racing Challenge Championship (G1)


Horse Qualifying Race/Date Owner Trainer Jockey
Jessies First Down    Sam Houston / April 22         Ted G Abrams       Judd Kearl       Rodrigo Vallejo      
TLC Dale
Jess A Cowboy  Turf Paradise / April 30  Larry Stark  Matt Fales  Vince Guerra 
Heat Warning
Roman Soldier CD 
Sky Bo Dash  Remington Park / May 14  Bobby Simmons  Trey Wood  Benito J Baca 
Rockin Disco
Three Olive N Smoke 
Sign Of Corona  Pocatello Downs / May 29  RTM Stables LLC / Carol McKinney  Mark Hanson  Eddie Aceves 
RTM Mr Caccia
Katies Easy Moves
The Fiscal Cliff Canterbury Park / July 4   Thomas D Lepic Kasey Willis Benito J Baca
Fowl Play 
Flash N Bling Los Alamitos / August 13  Reliance Ranches LLC Mike Robbins Jesus Rios Ayala
Mr PYC To You 
The Charm Of Corona
Air Force Won Emerald Downs / August 20  John E Olmos Ernesto Olmos Leonardo Gonzalez
L Bar D Genuine Red
Chics Love Curls Hipodromo / August 20  Carlos Diaz De Leon Velazquez Epifanio Carrasco Tony Phillips
RG Golden King
Exquisite Stride
Mals First Down Evergreen Park / August 26  Jim Plume / Charlie Weasel Head William Leech Scott Sterr
Honor The Aztec
One Famous Glass Ajax Downs / Sept 3  C & J Robertson / DR. C Hall Bryn Robertson Tony Phillips
Country Boy 123
Fast Man Vic
AJS High Prairie Meadows / Sept 16  Michael C Teel Charlton S Hunt Stormy Smith
Woop Dee Doo
The Fiscal Cliff 


Adequan Logo

$180,000 Adequan Derby Challenge Championship (G3)


Horse Qualifying Race/Date Owner Trainer         Jockey
Downside Embezzler Sun Downs / May 6  Jess R Matt Hector Magallanes Eddie Aceves
Separate Flame
Flyin Rocks
Gustafame  Sam Houston / May 20        Jim and/or Louise Padgett  Joel Cantu  Luciano Duenez 
A Salty Corona
Tac My Time 
Maxx  Ruidoso Downs / July 1  Irma Vargas  Judd Kearl  Jose A Alvarez 
Rock About It
Born To B Bad 
Beer Wagon  Hipodromo / July 2  Juan Manuel Gutierrez Barbos           Rigoberto Vega  Paul Rodriguez 
Tempting Splash Dash
Honor The Fast Man              Evergreen Park / July 30  Tom Kenway                         Tom Kenway    Martin Ortiz        
North Pine Special
Poutn On The Wagon
One Sweet Merlot Retama Park / August 12  David Jones & Mark C Cowan Trey Ellis Noe Villatoro
Eagle Cry
Trashy Tres 
LS Prince Ajax Downs / August 11  Milena Kwiecien Jason Pascoe Josh Scott
Denali Teller Off
Maryland Magic 
Genuine Version Los Alamitos / August 18  Gary Laramie or Janet Oakeson Monty Arrossa Cesar Dealba
Doctor Fantastic
The Louisiana Dream 
Faster Than Hasta Prairie Meadows / Sept 16  John G Johnson Robert 'Bob' Johnson Alfred J Triana
Kowboy Jim
Dauns First Desirio 
JC Wild Rose Will Rogers Downs / Sept 24  Jose Cervantes Carlos Ruiz Mario Delgado
Eye Eye Captain




$130,000 John Deere Juvenile Challenge Championship (G2)


Horse                      Qualifying Race/Date         Owner                     Trainer     Jockey
Cowgirl N Up  Turf Paradise / April 30  Ralph or Carolyn Fales  Matt Fales  Jorge Bourdieu 
Famous Joker
Arrow Of Cupid 
Carris Cartel  Sam Houston / May 20  Nancy Carrizales  Edelmiro Carrizales  Santos Carrizales 
He Win It
Had To Be Ivory  Ajax Downs / July 9  Carol and Jaime Robertson  Bryn Robertson  Tony Phillips 
Silky Senator 
Gulf Coast Streaker     Hipodromo / July 2 Carlos Diaz De Leon Velazquez  Ramon Guerrero  J M Cisneros 
Azoomin Jamie
Apollitical Approach  Ruidoso Downs / July 29 George or Peggy Cobb  Paul Jones  L Salvador Martinez     
Feature Me Gorgeous
Syms TLC 
Jess Adalida Retama Park / August    12      David Martinez Tony Delgado Luciano Duenez
Mystical Jess
Roses Dancer
SC Vapor Trail Los Alamitos / August 19  Reliance Ranches LLC Mike Robbins Jesus Rio Ayala
Apollitical Stone
CM Boom Shakalaka Emerald Downs / August 20  Randy Dickerson Nick Lowe  Luis F Gonzalez
I Deliver
JD Wagon Boss Evergreen Park / August 20  Buckey &/or Beverly Stockwell Buckey Stockwell Jose Rocha
Stole An Encore
Knotty Knita 
Vallerro Prairie Meadows / Sept 16   George L Seward Jason Olmstead Braya Velazquez
High Valley Girl
Painted Dynasty                                         
Tempting Annee GL Will Rogers Downs / Sept 24  Garza Laurel Partnership LLC Richard L 'Rick' Robinson Mario Delgado
Fast Prize Rumor
Olena Sangria




 $105,000 Boehringer Ingelheim Distaff Challenge Championship (G2)


Horse Qualifying Race/Date     Owner Trainer Jockey
Puddles Cash          Hipodromo / February 26         Luis Alberto Molina Saldago    Jose R Baltazar       Alfredo Gomez 
The Ivory Letter
Lonely In Front BR
Brookside  Sam Houston / April 22  Linda Loftis Tobias  Leon Bard  Francisco Calderon 
Barefoot Beach
HR Chatter Wagon
Ablurrforsure  Sun Downs / May 7 Tom Williams  Joe Sandoval  Jose Figueroa 
Gone Fast
Tic Tac Attack
Time For Wine  Remington Park / May 14  Pete A Scarmardo  John Weghorst  James A Flores 
Jess Envision
Honeymoon Candy 
JR Rock Star Canterbury Park / July 4  Dob Webb Jason Olmstead Brayan Velazquez
Blacks Cartel
Bye Bye Birdy
Time For Jess Los Alamitos / August 12  Spackman Racing Lin Melton Cesar Dealba
Maggie Durant
Duck Dash N Go
Toughie Evergreen Park / August 26  Charles G Stojan William Leech Freddy Fuentes
Splashy Mamacita
Northfork Sizzle 
Jess Paint Your Lips Lone Star Park / Sept 29  Michael A Pohl Stacy Charette-Hill Cody Jensen
One Sweet Sign
Million Dollar Kiss 




 $105,000 Distance Challenge Championship (G1)


Horse Qualifying Race/Date Owner Trainer Jockey
Stolis Pro            Sam Houston / April 15        Jerry Windham                      Leon Bard              Francisco Calderon  
EC Cartel
Bet I Make U Famous
Mickey Ward  Turf Paradise / April 30           Ralph or Carolyn Fales     Matt Fales  Jorge Bourdieu 
Executive Trust
Rare Ed
CJS Rocksolid  Remington Park / May 14  Rockin J Running Horses  Tammy Johnson  Josh Romero 
Jessa Little Rusty
Rock A Billy  The Downs at Albq / July 23  Rockin J Running Horses  Tammy Johnson  Luis H Rodriguez 
Fire Thorn
Jess  A Hilbily Bone 
Juno Dat Timber      Evergreen Park / July 30  Wesley T Oulton Wes Oulton Scott Sterr
Awise Secret
Fly Bye Cruise
Rare Ed Emerald Downs / August 20  Martin Marin Roddina Barrett Osvald Gonzalez
Hes A Bugin
Eyes Movin
Trubador Dan Will Rogers Downs / Sept 24  Pat Hybarger Eddie D Willis Alfred J Triana
Zoomin Racer Lone Star Park / Sept 29  Fernando Carrete Fernando Carrete Ricky Ramirez
Aces Over Five
Fire On The Fly