2001 Stakes Winners

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Date      Race                                          Track                                        Winner                                  Purse     
29  Lou Wooten Handicap (RG3)      Sunland Park  WR Red Ace  $103,100 
29  The Championship at Suland Park (G1)      Sunland Park  A Ransom  $300,000 
29  Auld Lang Syne Handicap  Los Alamitos  A Perfect Strawberry  $15,000 
28  Holiday Handicap  Los Alamitos  A Secret Account  $26,850 
22  Sunland Park Fall Futurity (G2)  Sunland Park  Babe Watcher  $149,515 
22  Far West Futurity (RG3)  Portland Meadows  Fancy A Shag  $37,706 
16  Challenge Six Handicap (RG3)  Sunland Park  Kama Shootin  $102,800 
16  QHBC Juvenile Classic  Los Alamitos  Panther Mountain  $31,600 
16  QHBC Championship Classic (G2) Los Alamitos  A Secret Account  $48,240 
16  QHBC Sophomore Classic  Los Alamitos  Heza Motor Scooter  $22,020 
16  QHBC Distaff Classic Los Alamitos  Sial Buff  $16,300 
16  Champion of Champions (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tailor Fit  $500,000 
16  Los Alamitos Million Futurity Juvenile (R)  Los Alamitos  Achievement  $25,000 
15      Los Alamitos Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Your First Moon  $1,256,600 
15  Sunland Park Fall Derby (G3)  Sunland Park  Royal N Rowdy  $78,032 
14  Southern California Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tiny First Effort  $154,350 
Shue Fly Stakes (RG2)  Sunalnd park  Wagons Maiden  $183,538 
Scott Lewis Handicap  Los Alamitos  Mister Ryon  $15,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG2)  Fair Grounds  War Colors  $100,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Derby (RG2)  Fair Grounds  St Pats Tea  $100,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Mr Mallard  $100,000 
Paul Ford Memorial Handicap  Los Alamitos  Westmont  $25,000 
Hipodromo de las Americas Stakes  Lone Star Park  Burrs Warrior  $20,000 
Texas Classic Futurity (G1)  Lone Star Park  Pretty Boy Perry $925,000




Date      Race                                          Track                                      Winner                          Purse     
30  Texas Classic Derby (G1)      Lone Star Park  Streakin Sin Tacha  $255,257 
29  Joe B. Turner Memorial Stakes      Lone Star Park  Dashing Obsession  $20,000 
25  AQRA Turf Paradise Futurity (G3)      Turf Paradise  Honest Mac  $55,950
25  Turf Paradise Championship  Turf Paradise  Secret Return  $10,000 
25  Jess Burner Memorial Stakes (RG2)      Sunland Park  Authorized Cash  $103,300 
25  Mexican QH Breeders' Futurity (RG3)      Hipodromo de las Americas  Cajun World  $71,800 
25  Goodnight Trail Handicap  Lone Star Park  Turfinator  $20,000 
25  Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3)      Blue Ribbon Downs  Doittoem Gambler $75,912 
24  Refrigerator Handicap (G2)  Lone Star Park  Image Of Cleat  $75,000 
24  Harvest Handicap  Los Alamitos  Thats A Gray Jazz  $15,000 
24  Black Gold Derby (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Dr Fortune  $36,810 
23  Z. Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3) - Div. 1      Los Alamitos  Fast For Money  $20,000 
23  Z. Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3) - Div. 2  Los Alamitos  Stoli  $20,000 
23  Lone Star Park Distance Championship (G3)  Lone Star Park  Judes Mighty Dude  $25,000 
18  Mexican QH Breeders' Derby (R)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Tacambaro $28,831 
18  Oregon Bred Juvenile Stakes (R)  Portland Meadows  Tiny Rocket Dash  $19,200 
18  Pocahontas Handicap  Los Alamitos  Eyes For EV  $15,000 
18  Bradford Stakes  Hoosier Park  Hava Cool Breeze  $15,000 
17  Marathon Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Sign Of Lanty  $81,000 
17  Portland Meadows Fall Derby  Portland Meadows  CPR First Class  $13,000 
16  Corona Chick Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Bee Dashing  $39,300 
11  Truly A Pleasure Handicap  Los Alamitos Chicks Charger Easy $15,000 
11  Bowsher Ford Covered Bridges Stakes  Hoosier Park  Glitter Spider Man  $10,000 
10  Animas Stakes  SunRay Park  Cleatus  $31,400 
10  Los Alamitos Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Marmet  $250,000 
10  Kool Kue Baby Handicap  Lone Star Park  Rosebuddie  $35,000 
First Down Dash (G3)  Los Alamitos  A Ransom  $37,300 
Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG3)  The Woodlands  Illusioneer  $86,223 
Kansas Jackpot Derby (R)  The Woodlands  Choo Choo Finale  $41,626 
Woodlands Championship Handicap  The Woodlands  Iron Clad Cleat  $15,000 
AQRA-Turf Paradise Derby (G3)  Turf Paradise  Heza Wild Man  $28,250 
Heza Fast Man Stakes Turf Paradise Secret Return  $10,000 
New Mexico Horsemen's Association Handicap (RG3)      SunRay Park  Kama Shootin  $56,200 
Bragging Rights Stakes  Hoosier Park  Senor Sal (TB)  $10,000 
6666 Ranch Handicap (G3)  Lone Star Park  Blushin Bugs  $35,000 
Golden State Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tres Seis  $738,900 




Date      Race                                      Track                              Winner                          Purse     
28  New Mexico Breeders' Futurity (RG3)      SunRay Park  Wagons Maiden  $106,781 
28  LQHBA Futurity (RG1)  Louisiana Downs  Mr Mallard  $218,080 
28  Hopes and Dreams Futurity  Blue Ribbon Downs  Zwickey  $19,325 
27  Grand Prairie Classic   Lone Star Park  Tiny Chris La Jolla  $20,000 
27  JEH Stallion Station Stakes  Lone Star Park  Image Of Cleat  $30,000 
21  Governor's Stakes  Hoosier Park  Runnin On Ease  $15,000 
21  Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana Derby      Hoosier Park  Grandpas Taf  $15,000 
21  Hoosier Park Classic  Hoosier Park  Blushing Pie Lady  $15,000 
21  New Mexico Handicap (R)  SunRay Park  Cute N Bankin  $56,050 
21  AQRA Futurity   Turf Paradise  Brianas Dashin Dream  $28,875 
20  American Quarter Horse Racing Journal Stakes  Los Alamitos  Jump Jive An Wail          $20,000 
20  American Quarter Horse Foundation Stakes  Los Alamitos Rumor Had It  $20,000 
20  PCQHRA Stakes  Los Alamitos  Stoli  $20,000 
20  Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie Stakes  Lone Star Park  Dashin With Johnny  $20,000 
20  Sooner Trailer Stakes  Los Alamitos  Habitual  $20,000 
20 Pony Express Handicap  The Woodlands  Iron Clad Cleat  $10,000 
20  Candian Bred Derby (R)  Whoop Up Downs  Dash Yawl  $12,540 
20  Gridiron Gallop  Lone Star Park  Arose For Jody  $20,000 
20  Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Handicap (RG3)      Lone Star Park  Mo Jo Magic Act  $30,000 
20  All American Congress Derby (G3)  Beulah Park  Cash Snatcher  $28,912 
20  All American Congress Futurity (G3)  Beulah Park  Meter Yo Rite  $55,105 
20  All American Congress Maturity (G3)  Beulah Park  Know That Power  $20,072 
20  Centaur Challenge Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Fast For Money  $75,000 
20  MCI WorldCom Challenge Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Sign Of Lanty  $75,000 
20  American Airlines Challenge Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Ronnie Jace  $150,000 
20  Bayer Legend Challenge Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Dashin Bye  $175,000 
20  MBNA America Challenge Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tailor Fit  $300,000 
14  New Mexico Breeders' Stakes (R)  SunRay Park  WR Red Ace  $56,500 
14  Fresno Futurity  Fresno District Fair  Dashin Is Handy  $10,750 
14  Shebester Futurity (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Doittoem Gambler  $33,768 
14  LQHBA Classic Stakes - Fillies and Mares (R)  Louisiana Downs  DH - Streakin Juanita
DH - Streakin Baby Trux     
14  LQHBA Sophomore Stakes - Fillies (R)  Louisiana Downs  JJ Streakin Illusion  $30,000 
13  LQHBA Classic Stakes - Colts and Geldings (R)  Louisiana Downs  Dash For Josh  $30,000 
13  LQHBA Sophomore Stakes - Colts and Geldings (R)  Louisiana Downs  Silent Overdrive  $30,000 
13  Kansas Derby (G3)  The Woodlands  Fairly Slick  $42,572 
13  Kansas Futurity (G2)  The Woodlands  Mimi Scooter  $82,680 
13  Turf Paradise 870 Challenge  Turf Paradise  Deal Em Hi  $10,000 
13  Las Dama Handicap (G2)  Los Alamitos  Flare For Toby  $51,518 
13  Dash For Cash Futurity (G1)  Lone Star Park  Baby Doll Form  $421,650 
12  Dash For Cash Derby (G1)  Lone Star Park  Pivotal Decision  $179,800 
12  Travlin Show Handicap  Los Alamitos  No Pet Peeves  $15,000 
All Canadian Futurity  Picov Downs Just A Little Run $12,835
Columbus Day Stakes  SunRay Park  Dash Of Essence  $31,200 
Huntington Harbour Handicap  Los Alamitos  Adashin Runaway  $13,000 
Valley Junction Futurity (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Prissys Awesome Form  $172,550 
Two Rivers Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Solid Gold Bullion  $27,440 
Burnett Handicap (G3)  Lone Star Park  Blushin Bugs  $30,000 
Altoona Derby (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Nacona Tex  $79,600 
Covered Bridges Stakes  Prairie Meadows Captial Dash $17,400
Sgt Pepper Feature Handicap  Los Alamitos  Whosleavingwho  $32,400 
Iowa Stallion Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Blues Special Legend  $40,800 
Iowa Stallion Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye Of A Streaker  $33,900 




Date      Race                              Track                                  Winner                              Purse     
30  MBNA America West/Southwest Challenge (G2)     Turf Paradise  The Rush Gets To You  $70,920 
30  Canadian Cup Futurity (RG3)  Whoop Up Downs  Royal Quick Wind  $81,472 
29  Shiprock Stakes  SunRay Park  Cute N Bankin  $31,500 
29  PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Sassy Smith  $326,600 
29  Oil Capital Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  A Classy Van  $22,080 
29  Hurricane Futurity  Dixie Downs  Seperate Lanes  $24,150 
29  Hurricane Derby  Dixie Downs  Mazer  $18,350 
29  Centaur Central Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Fast For Money  $21,420 
29  Buckeye Futurity   Beulah Park  Lucks Regal Chick  $10,150 
28  Red River Handicap  Lone Star Park  Hooks Jet  $25,000 
28  PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2) Los Alamitos  Make It Anywhere  $117,000 
23  Alex Picov Memorial Championship  Picov Downs  Raise The Debt  $12,325 
23  Four Corners Futurity (G3)  SunRay Park  Its Called Splash  $65,130 
23  New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  WR Red Ace  $56,419 
22  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Futurity (RG3)  Hoosier Park  Kelsey Bug  $37,115 
22  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Derby (R)  Hoosier Park  Hope For Me Too  $21,616 
22  Indiana Breed Development Stakes  Hoosier Park  Have Cool Breeze  $17,700 
22  New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  Chicks Goes Steppin  $78,969 
22  New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  Wagons Maiden  $75,464 
22  O.B. Cockerell Handicap  New Mexico State Fair  Star From Texas  $26,100 
22  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Budweiser Futurity (G3)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  The Rare Necessities  $35,720 
22  Rheudasil Handicap (G3)  Lone Star Park  Austiana  $30,000 
22  Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  Corona Kool  $200,000 
21  Bayer Legend California Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Tiny First Effort  $53,100 
20  B.F. Phillips Jr. Handicap (RG3)  Lone Star Park  Dashers Moon Bar  $30,000 
16  Yellowstone Downs Juvenile Championship  Yellowstone Downs  Wholelotta Dash  $25,800 
16  Steve VanBebber Stakes  Sam Houston  Special Lassie  $15,500 
16  Black Gold 350 Futurity (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Rainbow An Dreams  $26,550 
15  SunRay Park Marathon Handicap  SunRay Park  Chicks Special Heart  $31,200 
15  Prairie Meadows 870 Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Rust N Diamonds  $18,200 
15  Bayer Legend Canada Challenge  Whoop Up Downs  Wakeup The Moon  $27,270 
15  Mildred N. Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos  Flare For Toby  $110,250 
10  New Mexcio Breeders' Championship (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  The Zia Star  $31,150 
Buttons and Bows Handicap  New Mexico State Fair  Dust Em Dusty  $26,750 
Calyx Handicap  Los Alamitos  Westmont  $15,000 
Bull Rastus Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Sign Of Lanty  $21,400 
Saskatchewan Classic Stakes  Marquis Downs  Shady Juno  $14,750 
MBNA America Central Challenge (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Some Dashing Dude  $65,250 
Sam Houston Derby (G2)  Sam Houston  Streakin Sin Tacha  $82,484 
Sam Houston Futurity (G1)  Sam Houston  Shining Sky  $301,400 
Carmel Handicao  Los Alamitos  Lotta Lane  $15,000 
Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Rocket Effort  $60,900 
Utah Sires Fall Futurity (R)  Elko County Fair  SS Navy Blue  $37,320 
Oklahoma Bred Derby (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Dr Fortune  $17,080 
LQHBA Labor Day Stakes (R)  Evangeline Downs  Pie In The Night  $17,400 
Intermountain Futurity  Elko County Fair  Notorious Gunslinger  $37,575 
Elko County Derby  Elko County Fair  Mutts Dandy Effort  $21,320 
American Airlines Central Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Our Evening Splash  $70,560 
All American Gold Cup  Ruidoso Downs  Dashin Bye  $27,800 
All American Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Ausual Suspect  $1,996,368 
All American Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Stoli  $204,439 
Yellow Rose Stakes  Sam Houston  Austiana  $13,750 
Pepsi Alberta Bred Futurity (R)  Whoop Up Downs  Royal Quick Wind  $25,660 
Centaur Oklahoma Challenge  Blue Ribbon Downs  Rosebuddie  $23,760 
Oklahoma Bred Futurity (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Rare Play  $47,478 
Miss Blackhawk Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Eye Opening Special  $17,800 
Anaheim Hills Handicap  Los Alamitos  Imjumpn  $15,000 
All Canadian Derby  Picov Downs  Raise The Debt  $11,900 
Alex Picov Memorial Futurity (R)  Picov Downs  Two Tears Dot Com  $22,313 
Louis Curits/Robert Kieckhefer Handicap  Yavapai Downs  The Rust Gets To You  $12,400 
Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye The Hawkeye  $54,000 
Pride Of Iowa Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Rosco Brisco  $34,800 
Polk County Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye See Purple  $65,630 
Jim Bader Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Bermuda Blue  $69,102 
Jack Clifford Handicap  California State Fair  Bashncash  $10,000 
Governor's Cup Marathon (G3)  Sam Houston  Drip Dry Dash  $42,000 
Go Man Go Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Hawkinson  $108,306 
Brigand Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  King Rick Rack  $17,000 





Date      Race                                  Track                                  Winner                                   Purse     
31  Sam Houston Classic (G2)  Sam Houston  A Glint Of Gold  $59,000 
31  American Airlines California Challenge (G3)      Los Alamitos  Ronnie Jace  $81,810 
26  Mexico Futurity  Hipodromo de las Americas  Totally Rock Point  $17,240 
26  Charlie Russell Derby  Northwest Montana Fair  Splash Charger  $19,460 
26  San Diego Handicap  Los Alamitos  Bee Dashing  $13,000 
26  Michigan Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Always Precocious  $12,780 
26  Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3)  Gillespie County Fair  Shake Em Big  $44,167 
26  Windy City Dash  Arlington Park  DH - Chicks Call Me
DH - Can U Fly 
26  Mile High Futurity (G2)  Arapahoe Park  Same Genes  $109,645 
25  Centaur California Challenge  Los Alamitos  Linda Te Chick  $27,450 
25  Charlie Russell Futurity  Northwest Montana Fair  Tiny Rocket Dash  $36,370 
25  Gillespie County Fair Texas-Bred Stakes (R)  Gillespie County Fair Smashed On Cash  $10,000 
25  Mile High Derby (G2)  Arapahoe Park  Royals My Boy  $91,405 
24  California Sires' Cup Derby (RG2)  Los Alamitos  Marmet  $95,500 
19  Yavapai Downs Derby  Yavapai Downs  High Lofty Goals  $41,173 
19  Rocky Mountain Championship  Arapahoe Park  The Pen Pal  $16,400 
19  Rio Grande Handicap  Sam Houston  I Saw Elvis $18,600 
19  Bayer Legend Mexico Challenge (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Boogie Woogie Chic  $20,730 
19  GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Rare Cigar  $19,127 
19  Clovis Classic Futurity (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  De Talker  $66,151 
18  TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Devils Wrangler  $14,800 
18  Minnesota Futurity (R)  Canterbury Park  Tobique Special  $19,300 
18  Minnesota Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Two Streaks Of Cash  $18,650 
12  Bayer Legend Texas Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  Pivotal Decision  $52,110 
12  Queen City Dash  River Downs  Casa De Royality  $10,000 
12  Oneida County Fair Futurity  Oneida County Fair  Slew Of Dreams  $10,496 
12  MBNA America Mexico Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Awsome Form  $49,050 
12  John Hoak Memorial Futurity  Les Bois Park Erica Ann $17,803 
12  Evergreen Futurity (RG3)  Les Bois Park  Adashin Runaway  $41,942 
12  Diamond Classic Futurity (RG2)  Wyoming Downs  Dustys Fame  $96,772 
12  Diamond Classic Derby (R)  Wyoming Downs  Luva Shake  $17,183 
11  TQHA Sale Futurity (RG2)  Sam Houston  Randys Pop Pop  $263,438 
11  MCI WorldCom Northwest Challenge  Les Bois Park  Chicks Special Heart  $22,140 
11  Louisiana QHBA Sale Futurity (RG2) Louisiana Downs Mr Mallard  $142,881 
11  Keokuk Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Rare Roller  $23,000 
11  Bosen All-Breed Futurity  Oneida County Fair  Itty Bitty Moon  $11,700 
10  MCI WorldCom California Challenge  Los Alamitos  Sign Of Lanty  $17,820 
Naeric Classic  Assiniboia Downs  Dustys Beduino  $10,000 
Yavapai Best of Both Breeds Classic Yavapai Downs  Special Star Bright  $10,000 
Wine Country Derby  Sonoma County Fair  Serenity Dash  $10,600 
Blane Schvaneveldt Futurity  Wyoming Downs  Beduina Chicky  $34,200 
American Airlines New Mexico Challeneg (G2)      Ruidoso Downs  Sir Diligent  $112,770 
Midwest Maturity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Casa De Royality  $12,094 
Black Gold 330 Futurity (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Rare Play  $25,488 
American Airlines West/Soutwest Challenge (G3)      Yavapai Downs  Cartel Charley  $46,620 
Woodlands Stakes (Div. 1)  Sam Houston  Bubbubabad  $13,750 
Woodlands Stakes (Div. 2)  Sam Houston  WW Highlander  $14,000 
Iowa Double Gold Derby (R)  Prairie Meadows  Mister Easy Ledger  $47,918 
Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Mimi Scooter  $57,000 
Speedhorse Gold and Silver Cup Derby (RG3)  Fair Meadows  Some Dashing Dude  $63,040 
Speedhorse Gold and Silver Cup Futurity (RG2)  Fair Meadows  Smashing Form  $252,000 
Vessels Maturity (G1)  Los Alamitos  A Ransom  $134,500 
3 550 Championship Ruidoso Downs Image Of Cleat $17,000
3 Griswold Handicap Los Alamitos Gonna Get It On $15,000
3 Oceanside Handicap Los Alamitos Sassy Smith $13,000
3 Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes Fair Meadows Memories Formicha $22,965




Date      Race                              Track                                  Winner                          Purse     
29  Santa Rosa Marathon Stakes      Sonoma County Fair  No Pet Peeves  $10,525 
29  Kool Kue Baby Stakes  Sam Houston  Bugs By Yawl  $11,900 
29  North Central QHRA Futurity (R)      Canterbury Park  Missie Be Gone  $27,452 
29  Bob Morehouse Stakes (R)  Canterbury Park  Six Guns N Garters  $12,000 
29  Cherry Creek Futurity (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  Bac By Design  $73,335 
29  Bayer Legend West/Southwest Challenge (G3)      Arapahoe Park  Struttin To Beduino  $45,180 
29  Mile High Handicap  Arapahoe Park  The Pen Pal  $14,000 
28  Head Pin Handicap  Sonoma County Fair  Struttin Beduino  $10,600 
28  Ed Burke Memorial Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Check Him Out  $477,100 
28  Classic Chevrolet Stakes (G3)  Sam Houston  Rosebuddie  $39,750 
28  MCI WorldCom Texas Challenge   Sam Houston  Drip Dry Dash  $23,580 
28  Sundowner Trailer Stakes (G3)   Sam Houston  Dashing Rio Roc  $39,750 
28  Barnmaster Sprint Stakes (G3)  Sam Houton  Turfinator  $39,750 
28  Great Falls HRA Futurity  Charlie Russell Downs  Rosie N Me $18,200 
28  Oklahoma Express Stakes (R)  Fair Meadows  Jaffas  $27,600 
28  Idaho Cup Maturity (R)  Les Bois Park  Easy Misdemeanor  $15,100 
28  Idaho Cup Futurity (RG3)  Les Bois Park  Playful Bugs  $38,100 
28  Idaho Cup Derby (RG3)  Les Bois Park  Paladium  $26,950 
27  Golden State Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Royal Dip  $183,750 
22  Rainbow Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Doing Magic  $599,348 
22  Rainbow Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Feature Mr Jess  $163,237 
22  Rainbow Juvenile Invitational (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Dashing Little Reba  $89,557 
22  MBNA America Canada Challenge (G3)  Evergreen Park  Destiny Rode  $36,180 
22  Mexican Derby  Hipodromo de las Americas  Pure Darling  $24,150 
22  Mt. Pleasant Meadows All Breeders Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Im In A Rush  $12,000 
22  TQHA Futurity (R)  Gillespie County Fair  Fly Swankie Fly  $17,945 
21  Sherman Hill Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye Opening Special  $23,100 
21  Nebo All Breeds Futurity (R)  Wyoming Downs  Himes  $10,000 
21  Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Tiny First Effect  $27,450 
21  Miss Houston Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Austiana  $15,000 
21  American Airlines Canada Challenge  Evergreen Park  Heza Hot Hit  $25,531 
21  Rio Rico Futurity (R)  Gillespie County Fiar  Gee What Hips  $51,580 
20  Rocky Heinzig Memorial Stakes  Fair Meadows  Past Performances  $23,185 
15  Zia Handicap (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  The Zia Star  $42,500 
15  Zia Futurity (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Rabbits Jet  $168,007 
15  Zia Derby (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Chicks For Sure  $72,114 
15  Solano Derby  Solano County Fair Sixy Bee  $10,600 
15  Silver Dollar Futurity (RG1)  Wyoming Downs  Dustys Fame  $125,688 
15  Silver Dollar Derby (RG3)  Wyoming Downs  Jerichos Dash  $21,926 
15  Michigan Bred Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  CNs Nutten Yet  $28,493 
15  Great Lakes Handicap  Canterbury Park  Casa De Royality  $12,250 
15  Cenicienta Classic   Hipodromo de las Americas  Takin On Spoon Man  $21,110 
15  Cash Caravan Stakes (R)  Canterbury Park  Cracklin Cash  $15,650 
15  Aurora Derby (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  A Rare Black Stone  $42,124 
14  MCI WorldCom West/Southwest Challenge  Wyoming Downs  Alot Like Dad  $18,090 
14  MBNA America Texas Challenge (G1)  Sam Houston  Miss De Great  $88,110 
14  TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2)  Sam Houston  No Tools Required  $100,720 
14  Desert Classic Derby (R)  Yavapai Downs  Bum Belle Bee  $20,000 
14  Calder Challenge  Calder Race Course  Diamond Studs (TB)  $25,000 
13  TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (RG3)  Sam Houston  St Pats Tea  $43,880 
13  Big Splash Stakes  Fair Meadows  A Dash Of Mairi  $23,210 
Wyoming All Breeds Futurity (R)  Wyoming Downs  Lippy Society  $20,222 
Michigan Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Honey Me Gone  $15,440 
Mr Jet Moore Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Awsome Form  $19,300 
Jack Robinson Handicap  Alameda County Fair  Orthopod  $10,600 
Harrisburg Handicap  Sam Houston  Dashing Rio Roc  $14,500 
Cowboy Classic Futurity  Wyoming Downs  Merridocs Half  $28,987 
AQRA Lassie Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Golden Lil Secret  $27,800 
AQRA Laddie Stakes  Yavapai Downs  SLR Leavin Laughing  $25,450 
Wyoming All Breeds Derby (R)  Wyoming Downs Zacky Lucky Bux  $10,790 
Centaur New Mexico Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Special Crys  $27,450 
Masters Salls Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Mr Moon Policy  $16,400 
Independence Day Handicap  Los Alamitos  Eyes For Ev  $16,000 
7 Gulf Coast Stakes Sam Housotn Dashing Quickly $13,500
7 Expo Square Stakes Fair Meadows Carls Big John $23,350
7 Cowboy Classic Derby Wyoming Downs Knockdowns Dash $12,300
6 Golden Driller Stakes Fair Meadows Special Hippity Hop $23,525
6 Aliso Viejo Handicap Los Alamitos Imjumpn $15,000
4 PCQHRA Handicap Alameda County Fair Struttin Beduino $14,450
4 Far West Futurity (R) Grants Pass Isle Fly Easy $33,505
4 Kansas Bred Derby (R) Eureka Downs Ice Eyes $21,363
4 Kansas Bred Futurity (RG3) Eureka Downs Perfectest Girl $41,222
4 MCI WorldCom Central Challenge Canterbury Park Iscreamfordash $17,280
4 Centaur West/Southwest Challenge (G3) Arapahoe Park Streakin Six Love $25,020
1 Canterbury Park Derby (G3) Canterbury Park Eyes Hungry $28,650





Date      Race                              Track                              Winner                      Purse     
30  Stephen F. Austin Handicap (R)      Sam Houston   Tiger Toole  $13,000 
30  Northlands Futurity (G3)  Canterbury Park  Sam Truelove  $48,651 
30  Gold Rush 870 Derby (G3)  Los Alamitos Swift And Jazzy  $82,950 
29  Harris County Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Reckless Mistress  $13,000 
29  Chicado V Handicap  Los Alamitos  A Secret Account  $16,000 
24  Cashem Streaker Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas      Bryan Sis  $17,600 
24  Rocky Mountain Derby (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Take A Third Glance  $62,635 
24  Retama Park Futurity (G1)  Retama Park  Shining Sky  $312,075 
24  MBNA America Northwest Challenge (G3)      Les Bois Park  Diamond Cut Diamond     $67,950 
24  American Airlines Northwest Challenge (G3)      Les Bois Park  Elvis Is Bac  $74,340 
24  North Dakota Bred Derby (R)  Chippewa Downs  Helen Rocken  $10,380 
23  Stockton Derby  San Joaquin County Fair  Bubblin Bob  $12,175 
23  Spencer Childers California Breeders' Championship (RG1)      Los Alamitos  A Ransom  $143,826 
23  Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Kazzin A Splash  $77,985 
23  Retama Park Derby (G1)  Retama Park  Pivotal Decision  $135,100 
23  Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Futurity (RG3)  Fair Meadows  Eye My Alexis  $69,780 
23  Bayer Legend Northwest Challenge (G3)  Les Bois Park  Gone Clear  $57,510 
23  North Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Chippewa Downs  My Emissary  $10,720 
23  Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurity (R)  Canterbury Downs  Empress Mable  $29,760 
23  Michigan Bred Derby (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Tuff Chiclet  $12,275 
23  Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Your First Moon  $352,000 
23  Governor's Cup Derby (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Blue Grass Bounce  $157,000 
23  California Breeders' Sophomore Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Bridlewood  $28,100 
23  California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Corona Kool  $47,256 
23  California Breeders' Marathon Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Heza Sand Trap  $26,300 
23  California Breeders' Sprint Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  A Secret Account  $27,600 
23  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (Div. 1)  Los Alamitos  Bobcat Bob  $21,600 
23  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (Div. 2)  Los Alamitos  Bee Dashing  $21,600 
23  Fair Meadows Belles Stakes (G3)  Fair Meadows  Roma Ryon  $23,225 
22  Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Derby (RG3)  Fair Meadows  Bullisa  $48,000 
22  Comal County Handicap  Retama Park  Dash For Bugs  $25,000 
22  Brotherly Handicap  Los Alamitos  Royal Dip  $15,000 
17  Kisses To Yawl Stakes (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  KC Tricky Man  $45,400 
17  Molson All Canadian Open Futurity  Whoop Up Downs  Queens Kong  $26,040 
17  Bayer Legend Oklahoma Challenge (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Feefifowho  $53,190 
17 American Airlines Oklahoma Challenge (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Juno Corona $62,910
17 Bayer Legend New Mexico Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Dashin Bye $50,580
17  Dan Diemart Memorial Maturity  Chippewa Downs Mighty Dozen  $10,400 
16  Utah Classic Futuriy (RG1)  Laurel Brown  Leave Em Weepin  $116,587 
16  Utah Classic Derby (RG3)  Laurel Brown  Five Bar Molly  $24,081 
16  San Marcos Handicap  Retama Park  Racin Deal  $15,000 
16  Father's Day Gold Cup  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Casa De Royality  $13,440 
10  Ruidoso Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Red Clay Of Texas  $367,944 
10  Ruidoso Derby (G2)  Ruidoso Downs  Rare Fasteroid  $79,110 
10 Lee Berwick Memorial Louisiana Bred Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Kerrys Lil Jess  $125,175 
10  John Alleman Memorial Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Tristin Ranger  $15,125 
10  Hawthorne Sprint  Hawthorne Race Course  Can U Fly  $15,000 
10  Dash For Speed Handicap  Arapahoe Park  The Pen Pal  $14,050 
10  Canterbury Express Handicap  Canterbury Park  Eye Opening Special  $12,800 
10  Cajun Kindergarten Futurity (G3)  Delta Downs  Royal Baby Sister  $71,925 
10  Arizona Stallion Owners Association Futurity (R)  Yavapai Downs  Caits Rocket  $30,000 
10  Alabama Bred Juvenile Stakes (R) Delta Downs  Special D Dash  $29,125 
Viking Anne Handicap  Los Alamitos  Heza Sand Trap  $16,000 
Centaur Texas Challenge  Retama Park  Uncommonly Special  $27,090 
Heritage Place Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Rdustys Chick  $437,276 
Heritage Place Derby (G1)  Remington Park  Some Dashing Dude  $130,267 
Higheasterjet Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Lethal Cash  $16,200 
Heritage Place Juvenile Stakes  Remington Park  Corona Royal  $25,000 
MBNA America East Challenge (G2)  Delta Downs  War Colors  $65,555 
Delta Downs Louisiana Breeders' Derby (RG3)  Delta Downs  Hez Not Too Shabby  $58,025 
Bob Moore Memorial Handicap (Div. 1)  Remington Park  Perfectly Aged  $17,040 
Bob Moore Memorial Handicap (Div. 2)  Remington Park  No Hens Here  $18,160 
Pocatello Downs Spring Classic Futurity  Pocatello Downs  Smashing Royal  $11,562 
Pauls Valley Handicap (G3)  Remington Park  Legacys Heartbeat  $20,690 
Bayer Legend Central Challenge (G3)  Canterbury Park  Racing Winner  $42,109 
Robert Heubeck Memorial Handicap  Yavapai Downs  Rainin On  $10,000 
Hill Country Handicap  Retama Park  Arose For Jody  $12,500 
Earl Clark Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Madigold Royal  $13,114 
Florentine Handicap  Los Alamitos  A Honey Of A Dash  $16,000 
Top Deck Handicap (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  The Zia Star  $53,000 
MCI WorldCom East Challenge  Delta Downs  Hes Extradordinaire  $22,395 




Date      Race                                                      Track                             Winner                      Purse     
28      South Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Brown County Fair  Char Char  $15,757 
28  Live Oak Handicap  Retama Park  Mo Betta Etta  $15,000 
28  Kansas Jackpot Prep Futurity (RG3)  Eureka Downs  Illusioneer  $40,702 
28  Kansas Jackpot Prep Derby (R)  Eureka Downs  Princess Zenobia  $22,012 
27  Remington Gold Cup (G2)  Remington Park  Royal Kanutche  $51,150 
27  Fine Loom Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  JJs Double Dash  $16,600 
27  Black Gold 300 Futurity (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Sir Diligent  $26,550 
27  Bitterroot Futurity (RG2)  Les Bois Park  Memories To Keep  $112,000 
26  South Dakota Bred Derby (R)  Brown County Fair  Luva Shake  $11,879 
26  Minnesota Spring Fling (R)  Canterbury Park  Waldo Valentino  $11,350 
26  Casino at the Downs Stakes  Downs at Albuquerque  Split N Run  $37,800 
26  MBNA America California Challenge (G2)  Los Alamitos  Meddlin In Money  $69,570 
25  Town Policy Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  All American Jewel  $26,550 
25  Tower of the Americas Handicap  Retama Park  Dash For Bugs  $12,500 
20  Mexican Quarter Horse Association Classic (R)      Hipodromo de las Americas      Ozona  $36,000 
20  Bucking Horse Futurity  Miles City  Down Burst  $24,680 
20 John Augustine Handicap (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Namehimastreaker  $32,900 
20  Pelican Stakes (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  WR Red Ace  $32,900 
20  Hard Twist Stakes (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Don Gone  $32,900 
20  The Lineage Championship (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  The Zia Star  $32,900 
19  Sooner State Stakes (R)  Remington Park  Dash Brown  $17,500 
19  Santa Rosa Handicap  Retama Park  Rosebuddie  $15,000 
19  MCI WorldCom Oklahoma Challenge   Remington Park  Drip Dry Dash  $20,250 
19  Du-Bar/Lee Giles/Frank Hart Futurity  Laurel Brown  Beduina Chicky  $20,700 
19  Beehive Futurity  Laurel Browns  Zero To Hero  $36,803 
19  Kindergarten Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Sassy Smith  $392,900 
18  Hateful Hanna Handicap  Los Alamitos  Westmont  $16,000 
13  American Airlines Mexico Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  Go Shake Em  $46,090 
13  Carolyn Hebert Memorial Stakes  Delta Downs  Streakin Juanita  $10,125 
13  Albuquerque Spring Futurity (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Ima Royal Winner  $43,623 
13  MBNA America Oklahoma Challenge (G1)  Remington Park  Tailor Fit  $83,192 
12  Centaur East Challenge  Delta Downs  Miss Streakin Bugs  $22,775
12  Georgia Dixie Stallion Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Yawl Wanna Good Time      $24,870 
12  American Airlines Texas Challenge (G2)  Retama Park  Rdashin Form  $145,890 
12  Mother's Day Silver Cup  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Casa De Royality  $12,058 
Santa Cruz County Derby  Santa Cruz County Fair (Sonoita)     Streakin Quick  $14,970 
Desert Classic Futurity (R)  Santa Cruz County Fari (Sonoita) Brianas Dashin Dream  $35,354 
Santa Maria Handicap  Los Alamitos  Drop Your Sox  $16,000 
Remington Park Derby (G1)  Remington Park  Eyesaflash  $147,975 
American Airlines East Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Shining Sky  $69,245 
Universal City Handicap  Retama Park  Rust N Diamonds  $12,500 
Remington Park Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Le Magnifique FG  $309,749 
Quicksilver Stakes  Remington Park  Okla Six  $25,000 
Bayer Legend East Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Jesse Leigh Perry  $61,145 
Phoenix Futurity (G3)  Turf Paradise  Lovingly Meb  $42,100 
Jet Deck Handicap  Los Alamitos  Lotta Lane $16,000 





Date      Race                                      Track                                      Winner                              Purse     
29  Calaveras Stakes Retama Park Blazin Bux $12,500 
28  Red Earth Handicap (G3) Remington Park Feefifowho  $20,000 
28  Mayor's Cup Stakes  Portland Meadows  Cashinova Da Limit  $10,000 
28  La Villita Stakes  Retama Park  Carlotta Dream  $12,500 
28  La Primera del Ano Derby (G2)      Los Alamitos  More Heart  $146,600 
27  El Primero del Ano Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  Heza Motor Scooter  $148,200 
22  Pot O'Gold Futurity (G3)  Sun Downs  Heza Hot Hit  $39,151 
22  Oklahoma Futurity (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Light On Z Cash  $53,529 
22  Oklahoma Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Go Mari Memories  $28,528 
22  Eastex Handicap (G2)  Remington Park  Gone Kool Man  $35,000 
21  Portland Meadows Futurity   Portland Meadows  Fancy A Shag  $25,000 
21  Miss Princess Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  A Honey Of A Dash  $21,200 
21  Colors of the Wind Handicap  Retama Park  Rosebuddie  $12,500 
21  Cimarron Hanidcap (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Dooleys Medallion  $52,200 
15  The Prize Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas  Go Shake Em  $30,100 
14  Manuel Lujan Handicap (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  DRH Straight N Easy  $53,300 
14  King William Handicap  Retama Park  JTHS Warlock $12,500 
14  Alabama Bred Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Special D Dash  $74,325 
14  Alabama Bred Derby (R)  Delta Downs  Special Rockette  $38,325 
13  Sundowner Trailer Stakes (R)  Retama Park  Dashing Quickly  $12,500 
13  Kaweah Bar Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Meddlin In Money  $21,700 
West Texas Futurity (G1)  Sunland Park  Illusioneiress  $265,302 
Remington Distance Handicap (G3)      Remington Park  Im Beholdin  $20,000 
MBNA America New Mexico Challenge (G2)      Sunland Park  Southern Beduino  $89,370 
Midwest City Stakes (G3)  Remington Park  BK Runner  $20,800 
Manor Downs 550 Stakes  Manor Downs  Dash For Bugs  $16,400 
Manor Downs Maturity (G3)  Manor Downs  Dashingly Cleat  $36,416 
Manor Downs Futurity (G2)  Manor Downs  Primetime Runner  $194,360 
Louisiana Breeders' Laddie Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Special Streakin  $62,325 
The Getaway Handicap  Sunland Park  Special Horizon  $32,500 
New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG2)  Sunland Park  Ima Cry Baby Two  $200,409 
Manor Downs Derby (G2)  Manor Downs  Blazin Bux  $76,585 
Louisiana Breeders' Lassie FUturity (RG3)  Delta Downs  De De 007  $67,325 
Frances Carr Distaff Stakes  Manor Downs  Rosebuddie  $21,559 
Dillingham Handicap  Los Alamitos  Whosleavingwho  $26,900 
New Mexican Spring Fling (R)  Sunland Park  Major Phantom  $33,100 
Manor Downs 250 Sprint Stakes  Manor Downs  Special Lassie  $16,400 
Cottonwood Derby (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Winning Runner  $32,800 





Date      Race                                      Track                                  Winner                              Purse     
31  Newport Beach Handicap (G3)      Los Alamitos  Butter Me Up CST  $26,650 
25  West Texas Derby (G3)  Sunland Park  Kendall Jackson  $108,755 
25  Manor Downs 550 Handicap  Manor Downs  Power Roll  $16,800 
25  La Mariposa Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  Beccas Bunny  $32,500 
24 Special Hank Handicap (G3) Downs at Albuquerque Signatures Copy $32,800
24  La Pacifica Handicap   Los Alamitos  Summertime Quickie  $26,650 
18  Blue Ribbon Futurity (G1)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Libbys Cartel  $150,056 
18  Chirina Glory Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas  Dazzling Dasher  $31,800 
18  MCI WorldCom New Mexico Challenge (G3)      Sunland Park  Heavenly Shuttle  $30,920 
18  TQHA Handicap (R)  Manor Downs  No Magical Talent  $11,600 
17  Blue Ribbon Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Feefifowho  $41,917 
17  Ivan Ashment Handicap (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Firebaugh Filly $26,500 
17  Portland Meadows Derby  Portland Meadows  CPR First Class  $19,400 
16  Mardi Gras Derby (RG3)  Fair Grounds  Silent Overdrive  $46,085 
16  Naples Handicap  Los Alamitos  Pride Of Katella  $15,000 
15  Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Kerrys Lil Jess  $100,670 
10  Catalina Derby  Los Alamitos  Barrys Private Jet  $66,100 
Velocidad Classic   Hipodromo de las Americas  San Marcos Glory  $27,850 
AQHA Convention Stakes (R)  Fair Grounds  Candy Man Hemp  $10,000 
Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  Hawkinson  $258,000 
Bellflower Handicap  Los Alamitos      Firebaugh Filly  $15,000 




Date      Race                                              Track                                      Winner                              Purse     
25  West Texas Maturity (G3)  Sunland Park  Southern Beduino  $43,800 
24  Los Alamitos Winter Derby (G1)      Los Alamitos  Whosleavingwho  $260,500 
18  Easily A Possum Derby  Hipodromo de las Americas  Ozona  $38,500 
18  New Mexico HBA Stakes (RG3)  Sunland Park  Tahiti Blues  $68,200 
17  Budweiser Handciap  Sunland Park  Heavenly Shuttle  $28,300 
16  Fullerton Handicap  Los Alamitos  Heza Sand Trap  $15,000 
10  Memorial Handicap (R)  Portland Meadows  DH - CPR First Class
DH - Super Duper Awesome     
Stanton Handicap  Los Alamitos  CJs Sumthin Special  $15,000 
Mexican National Championship  Hipodromo de las Americas  One Fine Leader  $47,000 
Casino Cash Derby  Sunland Park  The Cheetah  $79,945 
Cerritos Handicap  Los Alamitos  Runnin Reckless  $15,000 
KHEY/Y96 Handicap  Sunland Park  Leading Diva  $28,400 
Inaugural Classic (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Tequila Talkin  $47,400 




Date      Race                              Track                              Winner                              Purse     
27  Super Bowl Handicap      Los Alamitos  For Shame  $27,650 
21  Sunland Express Handicap (G3)      Sunland Park  Southern Beduino  $28,700 
20  Moonshiner Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Sign Of Lanty  $26,750 
19  Charger Bar Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Corona Kool  $110,300 
14  Juarez Handicap  Sunland Park  Raw Appeal  $28,000 
12  Anaheim Handicap  Los Alamitos  Simply Silver Stage  $15,000 
Cypress Sophomore Stakes Handicap       Los Alamitos  Heza Motor Scooter  $27,300 
Millenium Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Meddlin In Money  $27,500