AQHA Registration

Get the registration process started, download an application and learn more about registration requirements.

How to Register a Foal Online

Registration Photo Requirements: What You Need to Know
Brush up on these photo requirements before you submit your online registration application.
Making Sure Your Horse Is the Right Color
Does your American Quarter Horse's registration certificate reflect his correct coat color?

Registration Application Guide

Embryo Transfer Enrollment
What to know when you're thinking about having an embryo foal out of your mare.
Foals Bred by Cooled Transported and Frozen Semen
What you need to know to get your specially bred foal registered.

Genetic Testing

Answers to your questions about genetic testing, DNA and parentage verification.

Weekly Service Report

See how the AQHA Member Services team is working to serve AQHA members worldwide.

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(Credit: Briana Malmquist / @pipers_zoo photos)