AQHA Records Research

AQHA Records Research

Learn more information about accessing AQHA records.

To access AQHA records, you will need to sign into AQHA Services. If you need help creating an account, please watch this video to learn how to Create an Account.

Free Records

AQHA now offers various free records with unlimited accessibility to all AQHA members.

“What happened to the $10 per month for free records?” The Association replaced the monthly $10 of free records with this new option because it gives AQHA members more access to free records each month and with unlimited accessibility.

The current free records include:

  • Level 1 eligibility report (horse)

  • Master registration and performance with pedigree

  • Master registration with all owners and pedigree

Free records are available for complimentary access. Please choose the record you would like, input the horse’s registration number or name, input your email address and submit. When the record is processed, you will receive an email with the record attached.

Genetic health panel test results are accessible as a part of a horse’s record. This information is part of the free master registration records, which allows you the freedom to access the information at your convenience.

Ordering Horse/Customer Records
A variety of records are available to be purchased and some are available for free on AQHA Services: pedigree, ownership, performance, sire, dam, grandsire and show records. Once you have signed into AQHA Services, select AQHA Records.

Enter the American Quarter Horse’s registered name or registration number and look up the report you want to purchase or click on the tab for Single Record Generator to find more options for owners, breeders and exhibitors. Need an exhibitor record?

  • In the Horse Research section, find an American Quarter Horse shown by the exhibitor and then access their records.

  • Or, select Single Record Generator and choose the Complete Exhibitor Detail,

  • Or, select Single Record Generator and choose one of the show detail reports, and after entering an American Quarter Horse, select an exhibitor shown in the drop down.

Once you complete selecting your records, remember to add your records to the shopping cart and go through the checkout process so you can view and/or save the records.

View the Status of Submitted Reports
When ordering records through Free Records, the record is emailed as an attachment. When ordering a record through AQHA Records, a link to Submitted Records is emailed to you. Records ordered and purchased through AQHA Services are viewable under Submitted Reports in AQHA Services.

To view Submitted Reports:

  1. Click Submitted Reports.

  2. Once the status is marked as successful, you will be able to download a PDF or XML version of the report you ordered.

  3. All reports are deleted automatically from the AQHA system after five days.

Please note: Reports will not be completed immediately. It could take up to three hours to receive your reports via email or for them to appear under Submitted Records on the website.

Reminder: Reports are deleted automatically from the AQHA system after 5 days.

Horse or Customer Volume Records

The official data resource for all registered American Quarter Horses in a variety of record choices designed for commercial customers purchasing records in large numbers at a discounted rate. This service requires an annual subscription fee of $500. These commercial customers then receive records for half the price. To become a volume user, contact the AQHA Records Department.

Customers who purchase a high volume of horse or customer records have been contacted by AQHA and have been provided information which is useful when running these reports. If you are one of these customers and did not receive this email, please call Customer Care at 806-376-4811 or fill out our contact form.

Additional Report Links

There are also links to and Robin Glenn Pedigrees under Records.

If you had money in your AQHA Records Research account before AQHA switched to the new database and website, AQHA has moved that money over from the old system to the new system. Since the records process has changed, the credit cannot be used for orders online, but it can be used for work received in the office.

Experiencing Issues?
If you experience any issues or have additional questions about accessing records or the information on the reports, please contact us at 806-376-4811 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Monday through Friday or by using our contact form. Please allow a delay in our response time as we work to improve our member experience.