500 Hour Award Winners

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January - March 500 hour award winners

Tanya Ragone of Mitchell, Nebraska and Friendly Bandit Bar

Photo credit: Paul A Ragone


Kay Moyers of Mansfield, Georgia and Obvious Modern Mac

Photo credit: Ronnie Moore


Leigh Nitcher of Lone Jack, Missouri and Mister Sawyer Brown

Photo credit: Bryan Nitcher


Susan K Koran of Fernie, British Columbia and Reminic Misty Olena

Photo credit: Giselle Pierce


Jo Jo Logan of Wauston, Wisconsin and Sharpest Asset Yet

Photo credit: Dawn Logan


Vanessa Mayrand of St Felix Valois, Quebec and RR Dance By Moonlite

Photo credit: Carole Beaudoin


Quin Butler of Eatonville, Washington and LTC Dedicate

Photo credit: Melissa Pemberton


Rebecca Brown of Hamilton, Indiana and Bills Dunn Sparklin

Photo credit: Bret Brown


Isabelle Scheffel of Rice Lake, Wisconsin and FSR Ima Smart Chica

Photo credit: Nancy Louden


Barbara Froeling of Ava, Illinois and Sun Dust Dancer

Photo credit: David Carylon or Leland Froeling


Barbel Andresen of and Lancers Little Bueno

Photo courtesy of Baerbel Andresen


April - June 500 hour award winners


Meg Hughes of Kanawha, Iowa and UR Pretty Cool By Far

Photo credit: Barbara Lynn


Julia Highsmith of Colbert, Georgia and Bee Sweet Hickory

Photo credit: Tracy Mullinax


Connie McAlpin of Stringer, Mississippi and My Good Valentine

Photo credit: Ronald McAlpin


Loni Dimond of Addison, Alabama and McCains Silver Lake

Photo credit: Loni Dimond


Eric D Smith of Templeton, California and Winchexter

Photo credit: Captured Moment Photography


Carlie Pauls of LaBroquerie, Manitoba and Jewels Of A Playboy

Photo credit: Donna Hall


Matthias Arndt of Rellingen, Germany and Boom Boom Boost BB

Photo courtesy of Matthias Arndt


Carol Bernadette Ricena of Lexington, North Carolina and Nu Peppy Lena

Photo credit: Samantha McMasters


Hannah Jane Lucas of Columbia, South Carolina and Dunnits Dream

Photo credit: Heather Lucas


Laura Cuthbert-Marsh of Parkland County, Alberta and King Sweet Wimpy Bar

Photo credit: Wes Marsh


Dee Slade of Chester, New Jersey and The One To Repeat

Photo credit: Gwendolyn Powers


Bonnie Beach of Tinley Park, Illinois and Ms Impressive Mary, WCR Impressive Jacki and Winters Twister

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Beach


July - October 500 hour award winners


Diane Chambers of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania and Kat Man Dew

Photo credit: Cody Whitmoyer


Patrick Dehetre of Granton, Ontario and DDD Shot Of Baileys

Photo credit: Angela Dehetre


Shalyn Christianson of Regina, Saskatchewan and Chicka Chicka Boon

Photo credit: Wanda Harron


Lisa Lenaburg of Colton, California and Holiday Cookies

Photo credit: Allen Lenaburg


Barbara J Ewing of Cottage Grove, Oregon and Belle Glows Eternal

Photo credit: Barbara J Ewing


Aliera Chernoff of Strathmore, Alberta and ER Rock Steady

Photo credit: Cheryle Kearley


Rebecca K Burnell of North Lawrence, Ohio and TJ Kid Omaha

Photo credit: Rebecca K Burnell


Tracie Gregg of Oracle, Arizona and Whizkey NA Gun

Photo credit: Tracie Gregg


November - January 500 hour award winners


Lia Marie Koenig of Velbert, Germany and Black Par Bueno

Photo credit: Carsten Koenig


Alexander Varn of Targau, Germany and Tal Vez Un Kid

Photo credit: Elisabeth Varn


Chris Becker of Power, Montana and Lettys Margarita

Photo credit: Gary Becker


Shirley J Sweet of Mansfield, Ohio and Sweet Jet Bar Lady

Photo credit: Forever Sweet-Hedrick


Carol Schadegg of Hemet, California and Dually Mack Blanton

Photo credit: Ilene Itzkovics


Kristin Davies of East Rochester, Ohio and Solid Okie

Photo credit: Ronald Wilson II


Uneda Cerrone of Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania and CJ Last Sugar

Photo credit: Nita M King


Raffaele Guardi of Manorville, New York and Double C Skipster

Photo credit: Anna Guardi


Brittany Barloggi of Napa, California and Pennys Bold Flyer

Photo credit: Brittany Barloggi


Colleen Indeland of Billings, Montana and My Irish Playboy

Photo credit: Trent Indreland


Lynn Harrison of Kenton, Delaware and Super Chip My Ride

Photo credit: James Harrison


Katharina Kueper of Geseke, Germany and Little Chic N

Photo credit: Diana Royer