Trail Ride Rules

Before you join us at the next AQHA-Sanctioned trail ride, glance at the trail ride rules.

  1. Each Participant must sign a Registration/Release Form before they can participate
  2. Youth under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a Registration/Release Form
  3. No consumption of alcohol beverages by Participants riding horses at the Trail Ride within a reasonable period of time prior to commencement of or during the Trail Ride; Anyone found under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. will be immediately removed from participation and accompanied back to the place the Trail Ride originated
  4. Any type of inhumane treatment to a horse, including, but not limited to, excessive spurring or whipping or excessive jerking of the reins is prohibited
  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct or any other form of misconduct that is irresponsible, illegal, indecent, profane, intimidating, threatening or abusive is prohibited
  6. No unsound horses will be allowed to participate on the Trail Ride
  7. No dogs allowed on the actual Trail Ride
  8. Participants must stay on designated trail
  9. No firearms, fireworks or noisemakers allowed
  10. No smoking on the trail
  11. An adult must accompany children under the age of 15
  12. Minimum age of a Trail Ride Participant riding a horse is 6 years
  13. No Participants should be allowed to pass the trail boss
  14. Participants should ride in an orderly and safe manner
  15. Participants may not ride double or without saddles
  16. A red ribbon should be attached to the tail of a kicking horse to warn other participants of potential danger
  17. No littering
  18. No loose horses
  19. No horses within 60 feet of registration and meal/entertainment area
  20. General public should not be allowed to mingle with horses
  21. Stallions are permitted to participate in AQHA Trail Challenges but not in AQHA Trail Rides. Only adults may ride a stallion in AQHA Trail Challenges. If an AQHA Trail Challenge is held in conjunction with an AQHA Trail Ride, stallions are not permitted to attend
  22. Horses must be 3 years of age to participate in AQHA Trail Challenges

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