AQHA competition starts at the Rookie level.

AQHA's Rookie level is the perfect level of competition for beginning competitors or those with few accomplishments. 

Rookie classes are offered for exhibitors at all ages and riding levels. These classes are great introduction for riders to the AQHA show scene, as well as a terrific environment for exhibitors to try out a new class.

Who is eligible for Rookie classes?
Rookie classes are offered in all three AQHA divisions – open, amateur and youth.

For a horse or exhibitor to be eligible in a Rookie class, that horse or exhibitor must have earned fewer than 10 lifetime points in that class in any division; open, amateur or youth. Eligibility is from January 1 to December 31.

Check Your Rookie Eligibility

Shows Offering Rookie Classes

Rookie Championships
The Farnam Central, Nutrena East and AQHA West Level 1 championships also offer Rookie championship classes.

Visit to see which classes are offered, plus learn how to enter the Rookie classes.