Educational Judging Seminars

AQHA now hosts its educational judging seminars as webinars, so exhibitors and prospective judges can watch and learn from the comfort of their own homes.

AQHA’s Educational Seminar

If you would like to learn more about how to judge a variety of AQHA-approved classes or just want to hear how judges are instructed to judge your favorite class, make reservations to attend one of the following AQHA Educational Judging Seminars. 

AQHA University will be available to the general public beginning January at the cost of $250.

Registration can be done by visiting the AQHUniversity.

As promised, please find the following information concerning your continuing education schedule for the upcoming months:

January Re-Certification Information

  • You may view your 4-horse video scores by logging on to your AQHA University account at Click on the down arrow next to your name in the top right corner and choose Profile. Your tests and scores will be in the ‘A little info about yourself’ box.
  • You should have received your rule book score at the completion of the test. If you did not, please email for your score.

  • The 100 question rule book test had two questions removed due to technical errors (#82 and #90)
  • The 60 VRH rule book test also had two questions removed due to technical errors (#43 and #48)
  • Voice overs and officials from January re-certification will be available at AQHU by April 12th replacing the 4 run video test.

100 Question Rulebook test most missed questions

  • True          At the discretion of the judge, a horse may be penalized or eliminated from a class if the horse appears sullen, dull, lethargic, emaciated, drawn or overly tired.
  • True          In the youth division, age groups may never be split at the show.
  • False         In ranch riding, use of two hands (except junior and level 1 horses shown in a snaffle bit/hackamore), more than one finger between split reins or any fingers between romal reins (except in the two rein) will result in disqualification.
  • False         A horse is considered having fallen when its shoulder and/or hip and/or underline touches the ground.
  • False        All AQHA-approved judges are subject to an automatic review within three years of becoming an AQHA judge.
  • In trail, missing or evading a pole that is a part of a series of an obstacle with more than one foot results in which penalty?
    a. One (1) point penalty per step
    b. Three (3) point penalty
    c. Five (5) point penalty
    d. Disqualification
  • If an exhibitor uses electronic communications to contact a judge after a show with questions/comments about the competition, how should the judge respond?
    a. Click like and share the comments publicly
    b. Share the comments privately with fellow judges, seeking their input
    c. Refrain from responding
    d. None of the above

60 Question VRH Rulebook test most missed questions

  • False        Protective boots and leg wraps are prohibited in VRH ranch riding.
  • True         Riders in VRH limited ranch cow work may also compete in VRH ranch cow work at the same show, if entered on a different horse.
  • False        The tail of the reins must be crossed on the opposite side of the neck when riding with two hands on split reins in VRH classes.
  • In VRH classes, the use of two hands (except junior and Level 1 horses shown in a snaffle bit/hackamore) results in which penalty?
    a. Five (5) points
    b. Off pattern (OP)
    c. Disqualification
    d. None of the above
  • In VRH ranch cow work, a two-loop run in amateur and youth classes is assessed which penalty?
    a. 1 point penalty
    b. 2 point penalty
    c. 3 point penalty
    d. 5 point penalty

May 29 VRH Webinar

You won’t want to miss the next AQHA Webinar: Tuesday, May 29

Every VRH class will be covered.

Instructed by Bill Enk and Todd Crawford

Conducted by Livestream

Level 1 Judge testing

Why test for your Level 1 Judges card?

  • Gives “foot in the door"
  • It gives a credential to be able to judge Level 1 shows, and some shows that require Level 1 or above cert such as ISHA, some NCEA, and certain larger 4-H and Open shows.
  • It also puts you in the continuing education loop, and puts you in some company within judges.
  • Could potentially be considered by the Judge's committee when applying for all-around judge. 

Online testing will be available June 1-14, 2019, through AQHU.

Skype Interviews take place June 6th from 2:00pm (CST) – 6:00pm (CST) and June 7th from 2:00pm (CST) – 6:00pm

Classes to be tested on: Halter, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Reining, Western Riding, Ranch Riding, Trail and Working Hunter.

If someone you know is interested have them submit the following supplication Specialized Judge Application by May 15th, 2019.

Coming this summer:

Cutting Webinar-Instructed by Russell McCord

December Judges Workshop

Save the Dates: December 16/17, 2019

Topics; Halter, Western pleasure, Hunter under Saddle, Western Riding, Animal Welfare

Info on new 2020 AQHA classes

Judges Forum –give the judges committee input on hot topics

Guest Speakers

WCHA Judges will be recertifying

NRCHA workshop

APHA recertification  

And more…..

To book a room call: 

Hyatt Regency DFW Airport

2334 N International Pkwy
Room rate:  $119
(800) 233-1234 (Ask for AQHA room block)


Registration forms will be available in the next Judges Newsletter.