2-Year-Old Geldings - Level 2

2-Year-Old Geldings - Level 2

Madison Renfro and TF Fearles Kid get the gold in 2-year-old geldings.

Level 2 2 year old gelding winner

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: TF Fearles Kid Pedigree: 2018 chestnut gelding (Kid Coolsified-Forever Fearles by Fearles) Breeder: Kelli Jensen of Freeland, Michigan Owner: Madison Lynn Renfro of Finley, California Exhibitor: Madison Lynn Renfro of Finley, California Total Class Entries: 2 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath and champion patch Second Place: Goldesign and Savannah Cecilia Petrosky of Columbus, Texas