Western Horsemanship 14-18 - Level 1

Western Horsemanship 14-18 - Level 1

Wyatt Humbert guides UF My Legs R Leathal to win gold.

Level 1 horsemanship UF My Legs R Leathal and Wyatt Humbert

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: UF My Legs R Leathal Pedigree: 2014 bay gelding (Lethal Persuasion-Prissy Legs by Zippos Old Gold) Breeder: University of Florida Foundation of Gainesville, Florida Owner: Wyatt Humbert of Republic, Ohio Exhibitor: Wyatt Humbert of Republic, Ohio Total Class Entries: 174 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath and top-10 patch Second Place: Best Gift Yet and Emma Cress of Boerne, Texas Third Place: VS Code Victoria and Holly Sarah Phalen of Kansas City, Kansas Fourth Place: Showin My Ace and Meagan Braun of Franktown, Colorado Fifth Place: Amazin Dream and Kaitlyn Renne Smith of Plainfield, Indiana Sixth Place: Ill Take The Asset and Alyssa Jipping of Hamilton, Michigan Seventh Place: An Impulse To Be Hot and Alana Marie Tietz of Shawnee, Oklahoma Eighth Place: Zippin Past The Best and Carli Kerns of Manchester, Michigan Ninth Place: Huntin By Moonlite and Virginia Meador of San Antonio, Texas Tenth Place: Only An Impulse and Ainsley Raine Linnell of Summerberry, Saskatchewan