Working Cow Horse - Level 2

Working Cow Horse - Level 2

Emily Ann Kent reins Callme Mister Mister to cow horse gold.

level 2 working cow horse callme mister mister

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Callme Mister Mister Pedigree: 2009 bay gelding (Mister Dual Pep-Travelin With Sass by Travalena) Breeder: Jim Babcock of Sanger, Texas Owner: Leslie A. Kent of Jacksboro, Texas Exhibitor: Emily Ann Kent of Jacksboro, Texas Total Class Entries: 38 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath and champion patch Second Place: Mr Stylish Cat and Tylor Todd of Rexford, Kansas Third Place: TRR Lucky Playgun and Trail Townsend of Earth, Texas Fourth Place: Vintage San and Quincee Doddsville, Mississippi Fifth Place: Lookslikelucktome and Lannie Jo Lisac of Pueblo, Colorado Sixth Place: Cat Walks Into A Bar and Lannie Jo Lisac of Pueblo, Colorado Seventh Place: Woo Hoo Sue and Breanne Nicole Faris of Pueblo, Colorado Eighth Place: Rey Out There and Mead William Gerfen and Purcell, Oklahoma Ninth Place: Hes Not Blu and Sierra Walter of Hydro, Oklahoma Tenth Place: Nikki And The Bud and Lannie Jo Lisac of Pueblo, Colorado