Show Management Workshops

Improve your next AQHA-approved horse show with effective management techniques.

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The AQHA Executive Committee approved the AQHA Show Committee’s recommendation to offer an online certification in an effort to provide better education without the added cost of traveling to a management workshop. Once certified, show managers and secretaries will be accredited for three years (SHW 100.11) and have access to refresher material throughout that time.

AQHA staff teaches this in-depth workshop, which takes a deeper look into marketing, promoting, organizing and managing AQHA shows. Staff also covers the leveling program, bio-security, animal welfare, judging, stewards, AQHA Professional Horsemen, and the blossoming ranching program.

This is your chance to re-certify as an AQHA-approved show manager, to learn the ins and outs of show management, and how to hold an AQHA-sanctioned show or special event. New show managers and secretaries are welcome to enroll in the course as well.

The workshop was presented in May 2018, those live presentations were recorded and are available online. Registration is $250 (non-refundable) and includes all course materials. All resource material, including the presentations, are available to anyone who registers for the Show Management Workshop. To become certified, watch 17 video chapter presentations full of information (approximately 9 hours of video footage), review the resource documents provided and take a certification test. Watch the video presentations all in one sitting - grab a drink and get comfy! Or, watch at your leisure, a chapter or a few at a time - then take the certification test. 

Register and complete the course here.




Please keep in mind Rules SHW100 thru SHW130 for show managers and secretaries in the 2020 AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations:

SHW100.11. AQHA SHOW APPROVAL  One of the individuals designated on the show approval application as show manager or show secretary for approved shows and special events must have attended an AQHA show management seminar within three years preceding the date of the scheduled show.
SHW100.12  Alliance approved managers and secretaries are not required to attend a show management seminar in order to hold an AQHA alliance event.
SHW127. SHOW OFFICIALS  Show officials are defined as any person performing the duties of a show manager, steward, ring steward or show secretary and must have a current AQHA individual membership. Any reputable person may act in the capacity of show official who can furnish proof that he/she is capable through ability or experience.
SHW128.1 SHOW MANAGER  Show managers shall be the person in charge of the AQHA-approved show, but may not serve as show secretary, ring steward or serve in any other capacity which might interfere with their effectiveness as manager.
SHW128.2  Must be at least 18 years of age.
SHW130. SHOW SECRETARY  The Show Secretary may not hold the position of show manager or ring steward at a show at which he/she serves as show secretary.
SHW130.1  Accurately maintaining and recording both entries and show results, including verifying exhibitor and horse eligibility.