Amateur Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Tom Henderson and Rojos Klassy Fox get the gold in amateur cowboy mounted shooting.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Rojos Klassy Fox and Tom Henderson (Don Trout Photo)

Tom Henderson’s first year of cowboy mounted shooting competition was golden. He ended the year with the amateur world champion title at the 2017 AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships in March in Houston.

“It has been such a thrill ride to go out there, and go fast and shoot off of a horse,” Tom says.

He credits his success to his horse, Rojos Klassy Fox, a 2013 bay roan stallion by Rojos Klassy Roan and out of Foxy Blue Twist by Blue Fox Hancock. The horse was bred by San Shoultz and Ken Matzner of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tom bought the stallion – then just a weanling – in 2013 through the KESA Quarter Horses production sale.

Tom and wife Billie went to the sale to look at the colt, fearing he might be out of their price range.  When they got to his stall, a vet was sewing up the colt’s eye, an injury that had occurred in the stall. The Hendersons asked the vet if the injury would affect the colt’s vision, and the vet said he didn’t think it would.

Due to the unfortunate injury, the Hendersons believe they were able to snag Rojos Klassy Fox within their set budget. Once they got the colt home, they decided to call him “Stitch,” as a way to remember the events that played out for them to buy him.

Stitch’s eye completely healed and Billie was able to gun break him as a weanling. Once he was broke out, she trained him for cowboy mounted shooting and showed him for a year before her husband took over the reins.

At the time, Tom was team roping, but he started competing in cowboy mounted shooting, and he hasn’t stopped since.

“It’s just amazing. I roped three nights a week before this, and I haven’t so much as swung a rope in two years – that’s how addictive it is,” Tom says.

While Tom loves competing in mounted shooting, he says he has most enjoyed meeting other competitors, as they are always encouraging and looking out for each other while on the road.

Winner Stats

Horse Name: Rojos Klassy Fox

Pedigree: 2013 bay roan stallion (Rojos Klassy Roan-Foxy Blue Twist by Blue Fox Hancock)

Breeder: Sam Schoultz and Ken Matzner of Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: Henderson Cattle of Myton, Utah

Exhibitor: Tom Henderson of Myton, Utah

Total Class Entries: 15

World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy; sterling-silver buckle, with 14-karat-gold overlay, courtesy of Awards Recognition Concepts; specially designed logoed jacket and world champion patch, courtesy of Cripple Creek Outerwear; and neck wreath

Reserve World Champion: Happy Cardinal Cutie and Tony Leal of Katy, Texas

Third Place: Meradaz Red and Kenny Ivey Jr. of Fayetteville, Tennessee