Youth Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Biven Chapman and DW Dash Of Whiskey win youth cowboy mounted shooting.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Biven Chapman and DW Dash Of Whiskey (Don Trout Photo)

Biven Chapman and DW Dash Of Whiskey were surrounded by family as they won the youth world championship at the 2017 AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships in March in Houston.

“It feels pretty cool to be a world champion,” Biven says. “It’s exciting to have come a long way with my horse.”

DW Dash Of Whiskey is a 2005 sorrel gelding by Dashers Vanzi Bruce and out of Tuff Bar Diamond by Tuff Ole Cowboy. He was bred by Debra L. and George E. Harty of Lusk, Wyoming, and is owned by Biven’s mother, Deanne Chapman.

Biven has only been riding DW Dash Of Whiskey for about a year and a half before winning her world title. She says it has been an adjustment getting used to her horse’s personality.

“He’s such a goofball and spaz sometimes,” Biven says. “He gets distracted easily, but it’s kind of fun to work with him.”

It took a lot of riding time and competitions for Biven and DW Dash Of Whiskey to clinch their world title. However, Biven has been involved in cowboy mounted shooting since she was 6.

Before that, Biven barrel raced alongside her mother. While Biven and Deanne were busy barrel racing, her father, Paul, was involved in trap shooting. Since everyone was going separate ways for competitions, the Chapmans began looking for a way to combine their two passions.

“We never really got to see each other, so we combined the two sports so we could travel together,” Biven says.

The family has competed in cowboy mounted shooting for the past 11 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

“I love that it is a family sport and that it is so family oriented,” Biven says. “The people are great and really friendly. It’s just a whole lot of fun.”

Biven plans to work hard over the next year and grab one more youth title at the CMS World next year.

“I plan to go in with a big win next year – that’s my hope,” Biven says.

Winner Stats

Horse Name: DW Dash Of Whiskey

Pedigree: 2004 sorrel gelding (Dashers Vanzi Bruce-Tuff Bar Diamond by Tuff Ole Cowboy)

Breeder: Debra L. and George E. Harty of Lusk, Wyoming

Owner: Deanne M. Chapman of Larkspur, Colorado

Exhibitor: Biven Chapman of Larkspur, Colorado

Total Class Entries: 9

World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy; sterling-silver buckle, with 14-karat-gold overlay, courtesy of Awards Recognition Concepts; specially designed logoed jacket and world champion patch, courtesy of Cripple Creek Outerwear; and neck wreath

Reserve World Champion: Taras Pecos and Daniel Boriack of Tomball, Texas

Third Place: Gin and Rachel Baker of Kennesaw, Georgia