2016 All-Around Winners Named

Exhibitors earn all-around awards at the 2016 AQHA Nutrena East Level 1 Championship Show.







A year ago, Chayna DeNicolo was discouraged.

Her mare, Onehot Shade Of Gray, wasn’t living up to her potential.

“A year ago, we hit a rough patch, but she’s a show horse now,” Chayna said May 7 at the 2016 AQHA Nutrena East Level 1 Championship Show. “Her movement – I just knew there was a horse in there. I don’t like to give up and I pushed myself and had a great support system, and we got through it.” The proof was in the prize, as Chayna accepted the Farnam All-Around Amateur Award for Nutrena East.

“It’s so exciting,” Chayna said. “It’s been a week to remember. I’ve had her since she was a yearling. My mom and I and another woman who owns the farm with us have done all the training ourselves and so it has been a big reward – a big rewarding week.”

Chayna and Gracie competed in halter, hunt seat equitation, showmanship and horsemanship.

“I just wanted good rides,” Chayna said. “We were third in eq, and that’s our sketchiest class. We probably came here for showmanship and ended up winning showmanship – our best event – and then (the win in) horsemanship was just the icing on the cake.”

Chayna cried after every win.

“Every single time,” she said. “We were third in mares, and I didn’t cry in the mares. Just three times – waterworks.”

The busy college student also juggles a job and farm duties in between getting in rides on Gracie.

“Right now I’m at a community college, and I’m going to transfer to Northern Illinois University, majoring in elementary education,” she said. “Again. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.”

The all-around winners at Nutrena East received a Professional’s Choice saddle pad, a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle and a trophy.

The 2016 all-around winners were:

Farnam All-Around Amateur

Exhibitor: Chayna DeNicolo, St. Charles, Illinois
Horse: Onehot Shade Of Gray, 2011 gray mare by One Hot Invitation-Socially Impulsive by Impulsions
Owner: Chayna DeNicolo
Breeder: Terry Robinson, Francesville, Indiana

Farnam All-Around Select

Exhibitor: Susan Fitzpatrick, Pittstown, New Jersey
Horse: My Dream Remembered, 2009 chestnut gelding by A Dream Remembered-Celebrate Chocolate by Zips Chocolate Chip
Owner: Susan Fitzpatrick
Breeder: Grant Jones III, West Newton, Pennsylvania

Farnam All-Around 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Caroline Fredenburg, Lewisville, Indiana
Horse: Zippos Hot Jet, 2000 sorrel gelding by Zippos Mr Good Bar-EBG Prissy Lady by Hesa Cool Jet
Owner: Caroline Fredenburg
Breeder: E.B. Gee Jr., Ocala, Florida

Farnam All-Around 14-18

Exhibitor: Cora Wyers, Wakeman, Ohio
Horse: Good N Certain, 2011 chestnut gelding by Ima Zippo Good Bar-RR Forever Friends by Potential Career
Owner: Cora Wyers
Breeder: Sherri L. Hennis, Imperial, Missouri

Farnam Reserve All-Around Exhibitors received a Professional’s Choice saddle pad, Montana Silversmiths spurs and a trophy.

Farnam Reserve All-Around Amateur

Exhibitor: Allison Board, Louisville, Kentucky
Horse: Zips RV Radical, 2008 bay gelding by Radical Rodder-Miss Good Cookie by Zips Chocolate Chip
Owner: Allison Board
Breeder: Ronnie Kent, Graceville, Florida

Farnam Reserve All-Around Select

Exhibitor: Melissa Spinella, McDonough, Georgia
Horse: KM Boalicious, 2007 brown gelding by RL Best Of Sudden-Sheiks Bodys Hot by Zippos Sheik
Owner: Morningstar Show Horses LLC, McDonough, Georgia
Breeder: Kenneth and Marilyn Masterson, Somerville, Tennessee

Farnam Reserve All-Around 14-18

Exhibitor: Lily Atkinson, Spring Lake, Michigan
Horse: Mighty Pretty Storm, 2005 brown mare by Conclusively Pretty-Simons Sugar Bar by Rhyming Simon
Owner: Lily Atkinson
Breeder: John and Marjorie Dailey, Hart, Michigan

Farnam Reserve All-Around 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Isabella Himes, Bristol, Indiana
Horse: Assets Miss Reba, 1997 bay mare by Investment Asset-Hard Star Miss by Hard Hunka Harlan
Owner: Penni Himes, Bristol, Indiana
Breeder: Nancy Cealka Smith, New Carlisle, Indiana

Farnam Bronze All-Around exhibitors received Professional’s Choice SMBs and stirrups.

Farnam Bronze All-Around Amateur

Exhibitor: Lindsey Medio, Hammonton, New Jersey
Horse: Shes To Good For You, 2003 bay mare by Good Version-Zip Your Jacket by Zippo Jack Bar
Owner: Lindsey Medio
Breeder: James and Melanie Glick, Leola, Pennsylvania

Farnam Bronze All-Around Select

Exhibitor: Janet Chase, Corry, Pennsylvania
Horse: Too Tuff To Kiss, 2005 bay gelding by Gotta Get Tuff-Lipstick Letter by Big Roso
Owner: Janet Chase
Breeder: John R. Kimberlin, Waukee, Iowa 

Farnam Bronze All-Around 14-18

Exhibitor: Grace Ann Himes, Bristol, Indiana
Horse: Gota Lota Lace, 2003 bay mare by Gota Lota Potential-Iron N Lace by Iron Rebel
Owner: Grace Ann Himes
Breeder: Marie Foster, Fowler, Indiana          

Farnam Bronze All-Around 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Peyton Baxter, Rockford, Michigan
Horse: Fightin Off Sleep, 2011 bay gelding by Too Sleepy To Zip-Form The Line Behind by Petite Lord
Owner: Ginger Baxter, Rockford, Michigan
Breeder: Shelley Ruth Donovan, Sturgis, Michigan

The halter Champion of Champions winners received a trophy and a neck ribbon

Amateur Halter Champion of Champions

Exhibitor: Scott Terry, Oneida, Tennessee
Horse: My Daddyis Cool, 2011 bay gelding by Very Cool-Give Her The Tiera by Sierra Te
Owner: Scott Terry
Breeder: Kelli Jensen, Freeland, Michigan 

Youth Halter Champion of Champions

Exhibitor: Tyler Shafer, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Horse: Cryptonite, 2013 sorrel gelding by My Intention-Forever Flirty by The Package
Owner: Tyler Shafer
Breeder: Keith Bode, Columbus, Indiana 

The reserve halter Champion of Champions received a trophy and a neck ribbon.

Amateur Reserve Halter Champion of Champions
Exhibitor: Vickie D. Kauffman, McDonough, Georgia
Horse: Phenomenal By Dezign, 2013 bay mare by Phenomenal Fear-Sweet Sir Rah by Sir Cool Skip
Owner: Vickie Kauffman
Breeder: R. Tornatore and Lola Hubler, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

Youth Reserve Halter Champion of Champions

Exhibitor: Jordan Reichert, Holt, Florida
Horse: Vendicated, 2010 chestnut gelding by CRS Gold Nugget-Bea Gotta Clu by Clu Heir
Owner: Jordan Reichert
Breeder: Andrew D. Morgan, Goldonna, Louisiana 

High-point western winners received a Professional’s Choice western saddle pad.

High-Point Western Amateur

Exhibitor: Erin Arnold, High Point, North Carolina
Horse: Betm Ease, 1999 sorrel gelding by Holland Ease-Devona Deb by Raise Your Glass (TB)
Owner: Erin Arnold
Breeder: Ernesto Guerra Jr., San Antonio, Texas 

High-Point Western 14-18

Exhibitor: McAuley Ross, Madison, Mississippi
Horse: A Timely Version, 2001 bay gelding by Good Version-Docs Lil Misty Time by Scotch Bar Time
Owner: McAuley Ross
Breeder: Jerry E. Papendorf, Appleton, Wisconsin

High-Point Western 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Abigail Gay, Versailles, Kentucky
Horse: Sweet Talkn Dandy, 2005 sorrel mare by Sweet Talkin Fol-Denominators Dandy by Skips Denominator
Owner: Abigail Gay
Breeder: Nicholas Thomas, Sharon Grove, Kentucky 

High-point English winners received a Professional’s Choice English saddle pad.

High-Point English Amateur

Exhibitor: Emily Trapp, Greenville, North Carolina
Horse: Kiss My Blue Asset, 2009 brown gelding by Pass The Asset-Blue Is Loomin On U by Skys Blue Boy
Owner: Emily Trapp
Breeder: Yvette M. DeLaune, Ferriday, Louisiana 

High-Point English Select

Exhibitor: Jeanne Best, Lockport, New York
Horse: Country Talk, 1999 sorrel gelding by Dial Mea Mr-Miss Skipa Town by Page Impressive
Owner: Jeanne Best
Breeder: Alfred and Susan Schweitzman, Accord, New York 

High-Point English 14-18

Exhibitor: Anna Ahlers
Horse: One Bold Invitation, 2005 black gelding by Green With Invy-Ms Impressive Breeze by Impressive
Owner: Leah G. Mooney, Raleigh, North Carolina
Breeder: Diane S. Hubbard, Advance, North Carolina

High-Point English 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Ashley Leann Wollard
Horse: My Mercedes Moves, 2003 black gelding by Artful Move-Some Likem Sassy by My Eternal War
Owner: Connie Johnson, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Breeder: Rickey W. Stancil, Louisburg, North Carolina 

B&W Rookie high-point winners received a Professional’s Choice saddle pad and a trophy.

B&W Rookie High-Point Amateur
Exhibitor: Sarah Catherine Chaille, Columbus, Indiana
Horse: Born Drivin, 2011 brown gelding by Drivin Deluxe-Zips Chocolate Baby by Monster Cookie
Owner: Sarah Catherine Chaille
Breeder: Everett and Barbara Elmer, Cedar Hill, Missouri 

B&W Rookie High-Point Youth

Exhibitor: Frances Olivia Himes, Bristol, Indiana
Horse: Blazing Hot Treasure, 2009 bay gelding by Blazing Hot-Principles Treasure by Principle Investment
Owner: Olivia Himes
Breeder: Janis Kengis, Waukesha, Wisconsin