2018 East Level 1 Championship Entry and Stall Forms

Entry Deadline - April 1, 2018

Entering Level 1 classes? Print the Level 1 entry form.

Entering Rookie and/or Walk Trot classes? Print the Rookie and Walk Trot entry form.

Entering both Level 1 classes and/or rookie or walk trot classes? Print both the Level 1 and Rookie and Walk Trot entry forms.


Complete the appropriate entry form(s) along with the stalling form and submit to the show secretary listed on the entry form.

2018 East Level 1 Entry Form

2018 East Rookie and Walk Trot Entry Form

2018 East Stalling Form

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NOTE: "If an exhibitor wins a class at a Level 1 Championship, he/she is no longer eligible to compete in that class at any future Level 1 Championship; however, if an exhibitor is Level 1-eligible, he/she may continue to show in that class in any other Level 1 competition." (AQHA Rule SHW245.3)

Double check Rookie eligibility; the exhibitor must be Rookie eligible by class, as well as the horse must be Rookie eligible by class.