Zoetis VRH Amateur World Champion

Costa Rican Victor Wolf and Judys Ten win the Zoetis VRH amateur world championship.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Winner Stats

Horse Name: Judys Ten

Pedigree: 2006 buckskin gelding (Ten O Sea-Crows Judy by Black Chick Gold)

Breeder: Bill and/or Dana Smith of Spur, Texas

Owner: Kim Lindsey of Dickens, Texas

Exhibitor: Victor Wolf of Costa Rica

World Champion Prizes: Gold trophy, courtesy of Zoetis; Sterling-silver buckle by Awards Recognition Concepts; logoed jacket and world champion patch by ARC; hat, courtesy of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery; neck wreath

Reserve World Champion: Sidney Dunkel of Archer City, Texas, and Bobbie Can Do

Third Place: Thomas Hicks of Hawley, Texas, and Greyt Socks