Sr Reining Level 3

Wimpys Little Nite and Thiago Boechat slide into the senior reining world championship.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Winner Stats

Horse Name: Wimpys Little Nite

Pedigree: 2010 buckskin stallion (Wimpys Little Step-Dun It By Check by Hollywood Dun It)

Breeder: Mark Bradford of Aubrey, Texas

Owner: Courtney Battison of Purcell, Oklahoma

Exhibitor: Thiago Boechat of Purcell, Oklahoma

Trainer: Thiago Boechat

Total Class Entries: 38

Purse: $36,204.88

World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, courtesy of Lucas Oil World Show; Montana Silversmiths sterling-silver buckle, with 14-karat-gold overlay, courtesy of Lucas Oil World Show; specially designed logoed jacket and world champion patch, courtesy of Cripple Creek Outerwear; 100 pounds of Nutrena feed; and neck wreath

Second Place: ARC Gunnabeabigstar and Jordan Larson of Whitesboro, Texas

Third Place: Whiz Boom Wrangle and Patrick Flaherty of Scottsdale, Arizona


Level 2 Champions

Level 2 Champion: Ruff Spook, owned by Shannon and Hershel Reid of Pilot Point, Texas

Level 2 Reserve Champion: Designed With Shine, owned by Rosanne Sternberg of Aubrey, Texas

Third Place: Smart Tinseltown, owned by Robert Thompson, Pilot Point, Texas