10 Reasons to Qualify for the Lucas Oil World

Qualify by July 31 for this pinnacle event for open and amateur competitors and their American Quarter Horses.

American Quarter Horse Association

The 2018 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show is November 1-17 in Oklahoma City. If you're in search of more information, your go-to place is www.aqha.com/worldshow.

It’s with good reason that the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show is the premier event in the equine industry.

It takes passion, grit, dedication, skill and determination just to qualify to compete at this prestigious event. That’s exactly why your heart is going to soar when you open your mailbox to find a qualification packet waiting for you, confirming that you and your American Quarter Horse are among the best of the best. 

Here’s why amateurs and open exhibitors should set their sights on qualifying:

  1. Compete at your level. Both Level 2 champions and Level 3 world champions are crowned in November in Oklahoma City. Qualifying for the Level 2 Championships, presented by Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan), gives you the chance to compete against horses and riders with the same experience and skill level as you.
  2. More classes! We’ve added three more open Level 1 stakes classes, also with added money at this year’s Lucas Oil World. In addition to the open Level 1 western pleasure and hunter under saddle, exhibitors can now show eligible horses in open Level 1 ranch riding, trail and western riding. Check out the tentative schedule at www.aqha.com/worldshow and verify your own horse’s eligibility at www.aqha.com/leveling
  3. It truly is a world championship show. The 2017 Lucas Oil World hosted exhibitors from 45 states of the United States, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (five provinces), Colombia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  4. Do it for your horse. He’s your friend, your confidant and your teammate – so this one’s for him! Qualify for the Lucas Oil World, and he’ll have a nifty title added to his permanent AQHA record.
  5. Sport the swag. As a Lucas Oil World qualifier, you can order special items like a buckle, jacket and plaque.
  6. Be part of an exclusive group. Once you qualify, you’ll join the elite group that shares the exclusive qualifier badge on social media with #AQHAWorldShow, letting everyone know you’re headed to the 2018 Lucas Oil World.
  7. Take a road trip. Held in Oklahoma City at State Fair Park, the Lucas Oil World gives you the perfect excuse to pack up the RV and make a road trip out of it!
  8. Get insider tips at free clinics. At the show, you’ll get to attend the Nutrena Ride the Pattern Clinics taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen. This is your chance to gain some insight, ask questions and also support the AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Crisis Fund where Nutrena matches your donations, dollar for dollar.
  9. Claim your piece of the prize. Between purses and prizes, more than $2.3 million was awarded at the 2017 Lucas Oil World.
  10. #GetThatGlobe. The gold trophy and world champion buckle are two of the most coveted prizes in the equine industry. And your only shot at them is if you qualify for the Lucas Oil World.

Competitors qualify for the Lucas Oil World by earning a predetermined number of points to secure a spot in each of the classes, representing English, western and halter disciplines.

So how exactly does that work? First,

The 2018 Lucas Oil World is November 1-17 in Oklahoma City. If you're in search of more information, your go-to place is www.aqha.com/worldshow.